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Nourishing Potential

We can't expect a child to learn, grow and lead a healthy life if he or she doesn't have access to nutritious food. Eating right is critical to a young person's present well-being and future health. Thousands of Winnipeg kids are thriving thanks to nutrition programs at community organizations.

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Rossbrook House has received Nourishing Potential grants

Nourishing Potential makes grants to local organizations that provide healthy food and hands-on nutrition education to children and youth in Winnipeg.

Your gift to the Nourishing Potential Fund helps ensure kids get fresh fruits and veggies, as well as a generous serving of experience in food preparation, meal planning and budgeting, teamwork and the power of coming together to share a meal.

Gifts Help the Orchard Grow

The Nourishing Potential Fund is like an orchard. As trees are planted it will provide fruit year after year.

Every gift to the Nourishing Potential Fund helps the orchard grow. The goal is to grow the Fund to be a $5 million endowment – this is our orchard that will be here forever.

A fund of this size will generate approximately $250,000 per year for granting – this is our annual harvest. Please help us grow an orchard and nourish a city.

Current fund total: $2,936,885

Total amount granted: $769,143

(As of November 30, 2014)

  • Every apple is symbolic of $10,000 in gifts
  • Every full apple tree = $100,000 in gifts
  • Every full wheelbarrow = $100,000 in grants

Building this fund is a community effort and every gift from our generous donors is appreciated. 

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Nourishing Potential Grants

Nourishing Potential grants support charitable organizations that provide nutritious food to children and youth attending after-school programs, drop-in centres, community centres and family resource centres.

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Since the 2011, Nourishing Potential has made more than 100 grants totaling almost $700,000.

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Nourishing Potential is a collaboration between the Assiniboine Credit Union, City of Winnipeg, Province of Manitoba, Wawanesa Insurance, Winnipeg Jets True North Foundation and The Winnipeg Foundation, along with donors from all walks of life.

Nourish the potential of Winnipeg kids!

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Recipe for Success

In spring 2014, kids in Gr. 4-6 competed in creating the best sandwich recipe.

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