Participant in the WRENCH's Bike Bazaar, 2016

Manitoba Heritage Trust Program (MHTP)

MHTP provides support for museums and archives, to start and grow endowment funds supporting their mission.

About the Program

MHTP, initiated by the Manitoba government, is administered by The Winnipeg Foundation with support from the Association of Manitoba Museums and the Association for Manitoba Archives.

From April 2018 to March 2021, the Manitoba government is encouraging museums, archives, and supporting organizations to create an endowment fund at their local Manitoba community foundation and will provide stretch dollars for gifts to these heritage funds.

Inside Winnipeg

Are you a museum, archive, or supporting organization based in Winnipeg? You can create a MHTP Fund at The Winnipeg Foundation that may be able to transition to an Agency Fund after April 2021.

For more information about MHTP, download:

MHTP and Agency Fund Details [PDF]

Outside of Winnipeg

For Manitoba museums, archives, and supporting organizations based outside of Winnipeg, details on how you can participate in MHTP are available at Endow Manitoba - Manitoba Heritage Trust Program.

The Manitoba Heritage Trust Program is administered by The Winnipeg Foundation in partnership with:

MHTP partners - Manitoba government, Association for Manitoba Archives, Association of Manitoba Museums