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Multi-Year Community Grants

NEW: The Winnipeg Foundation is now offering the opportunity to apply for a Multi-Year Community Grant of up to three years of support.

Please read the descriptions below to determine if you are eligible to apply.

This 2-year pilot program has been developed with input from charitable organizations and is designed to help address the need for charitable organizations to have ongoing support, while maintaining our role as a project funder.

There are two types of Multi-Year Grants. For Multi-Year Program Grants, an established grant history with The Winnipeg Foundation is required. For Multi-Year Capacity Building Grants, an established grant history is preferred.

Multi-Year Program Grants

  • Support for programs that have received two or more consecutive grants from The Winnipeg Foundation’s Community Grants program.
  • Maximum request – the amount requested per year can be no more than the maximum amount awarded to the program in each of the previous two years.

Multi-Year Capacity Building Grants

  • Support for staffing that will strengthen an organization’s administrative capacity, allowing them to better fulfill their mission.
  • Maximum request – $50,000/year ($150,000 total).
  • Note: staffing grants can be for new staff positions, or to expand the role of existing staff positions. At this time, grants will not be provided for fundraising staff.

Organizations that have received a Multi-Year Grant of either type will not be eligible to apply for a new Community Grant until one year after the multi-year funding agreement has concluded.

Application Process and Dates

For both types of Multi-Year Grants, there is a two-stage application process and applications must be submitted online.

Stage 1 Application due by April 30, 4:30 p.m. (notification of status by May 15)

  • Basic information, including amount requested and brief project description.
  • Stage 1 applications that meet the above requirements will be invited to submit a Stage 2 application. For Multi-Year Program requests, preference will be given to programs that have been more recently funded by The Foundation. Multi-Year Capacity Building requests will be evaluated based on an organization’s suitability and readiness to undertake a capacity building project.
  • Organizations can only submit one Stage 1 application per year. However, organizations that are not invited to submit a Stage 2 application will still be eligible to apply for a One-Time Community Grant during the calendar year (i.e., in September), for a different project.

Stage 2 Application (by invitation) due by June 30, 4:30 p.m. (notification of decision in late September)

  • Required information is similar to our previous Community Grant applications (purpose and goals, implementation plan, evidence of need, etc.), along with required financial documents.
  • Stage 2 applications must include a plan for how the program will be funded beyond the multi-year funding agreement.

Multi-Year Grants will be paid out in annual installments, contingent upon receipt of a satisfactory interim report.

Note: If an application date falls on a weekend or holiday, applications will be accepted until 4:30pm the next business day.

General Eligibility

  • Your organization must have a registered charitable number from Canada Revenue Agency to apply for a Community Grant. (This number is required to access the online application form.)
  • You may apply for a Community Grant once per calendar year. An exception will be made to accept a second application from an organization where it is collaborating with another community non-profit(s).
  • Applying for a Community Grant does not preclude you from applying for a Special Program Grant< in the same calendar year, but it must be for a different project.

You may apply for either a One-Time, Multi-Year or Major Capital Grant in a calendar year.

NEW: Effective September 1, 2017, an organization may not apply for a Community Grant if it has an outstanding Community Grant. You must submit your final report from your previous grant before submitting a new Community Grant application.

General Criteria

Projects must primarily benefit the citizens of Winnipeg. Please review our Community Grants Policies and Guidelines [PDF] to ensure your project fits the criteria. If, after reading these guidelines, you have questions about your eligibility, please contact one of our Community Grants Associates before submitting your application.

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