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Resilient Community Grants

Up to three years of support for programming or capacity-building.

Resilient Community Grants help organizations build sustainability by providing up to three years of consistent funding for either programming or core administrative staffing.

Types of Resilient Community Grants

For 2020-2022, The Winnipeg Foundation is offering Resilient Community grants, of up to three years, in two categories: Program and Capacity-Building. The maximum grant request is $225,000 ($75,000/year for three years) in either category.

Resilient Community Program Grants

These grants support programs with great potential for community impact, with a focus on innovation. Eligible programs may be new or existing and must demonstrate alignment with one or more of The Foundation’s grantmaking priorities.

Resilient Community Capacity-Building Grants

These grants support staffing positions that will strengthen an organization’s internal capacity, allowing it to better fulfill its mission.

This could include new or existing core administrative positions (full- or part-time), or increasing the hours or roles of existing positions. Eligible positions include:

  • administrative support
  • executive or assistant directors
  • finance support
  • communications
  • volunteer management

At this time, we are not accepting requests for fund development staff.

Requests for program delivery staff will not be considered.

Please review the information below before submitting and application.


  • Your organization must have a registered charitable number from Canada Revenue Agency to apply for a Community Grant. (This number is required to access the online application form.)
  • An organization may not apply for any type of Community Grant if it has an outstanding Community Grant (One-Time, Resilient Community, or Major Capital). You must submit your final report from your previous Community Grant before submitting a new Community Grant application.
  • To be eligible for a Resilient Community Grant, an organization must have a history of receiving Community Grants from The Winnipeg Foundation, though they need not be for the program or position being proposed for multi-year support.
  • Applying for a Community Grant does not preclude you from applying for a Special Program Grant in the same calendar year, but it must be for a different project.

You may apply for either a One-Time, Resilient Community, or Major Capital Grant once per calendar year.


Projects must primarily benefit the citizens of Winnipeg. Please review our Community Grants Policies & Guidelines [PDF] to ensure your project fits the criteria and our Granting Priorities [PDF]. If, after reading these guidelines, you have questions about your eligibility, please contact one of our Community Grants Associates before submitting your application.

Granting Priorities

On your grant application, you’ll be asked to identify how your project addresses one or more of our Granting Priorities [PDF], which were informed by our Vital Signs report [PDF]. Our granting will be guided by these priorities from 2019 to 2021; we will continue to respond to emerging community needs.

If your project addresses Reconciliation, please consult these documents as you prepare your proposal:

Application Due Date

Resilient Community Grants have a two-stage application process.

  • April 30, Stage 1 applications due
  • June 30, Stage 2 applications due (notification of grant decision early October)

Note: If an application date falls on a weekend or holiday, applications will be accepted until 4:30 p.m. the next business day.

The online application form is active for the six weeks before the due dates.

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