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FAQs - Granting

What grant programs or funds can I apply to for funding through The Winnipeg Foundation?

You can apply for funding from The Winnipeg Foundation through our Community Grants Program or any of our Special Grants Programs. For more information, please visit Apply for a Grant.

Can I request money from The Winnipeg Foundation if I have a personal dire need?

The Foundation does not make grants or loans to individuals. As a community foundation, it can only provide grants to organizations that are registered charities.

Can I apply for a special program grant (IE Literacy for Life, Camp and Summer Program, Professional Development) as well as a Community Grant?

Yes, as long as it is for a different program or project.

How do you define collaboration?

We define collaboration as two or more organizations that are jointly planning and implementing a project. Features of a collaboration include defined roles and responsibilities for each partner, as well as regular meetings to plan and implement the project. The collaboration can be between two or more registered charities or between a registered charity and a non-profit organization.

My previous project is not yet complete. May I apply for a new grant?

We will accept a new grant application only after receiving a final report from your previous grant in the same category. So, for example, if you have an outstanding Community Grant, you may apply for a Professional Development Grant but not a new Community Grant.