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Manitoba Museum's 2015 Tribute

May 29, 2015 | The Winnipeg Foundation

Manitoba Museum Tribute
Manitoba Museum 2015 Tribute

The Manitoba Museum's annual Tribute acknowledges the contributions of individuals, families, or businesses whose contributions have enriched our community.

From the event remarks by Richard J. Scott, Honourary Tribute Committee Chair and Winnipeg Foundation Board Alumni

"The Winnipeg Foundation is the embodiment of commitment, optimism and empathy. It unites us all, and brings together past, present and future; generosity and need; vision and realization. It is people from all walks of life who share a love for our city. And their thoughtfulness is the true foundation of our community. Together, for more than nine decades, thousands of donors have built a remarkable source of support that benefits all of us.

Never mind Portage and Main, The Winnipeg Foundation is our city’s most important intersection. It brings us together – those who give, those who work and volunteer in the charitable sector, and all whose lives are touched by that work and generosity.

For Good. Forever."

Faces of the Foundation tells The Winnipeg Foundation’s story. It debuted as part of the Manitoba Museum Tribute.