Winnipeg’s Vital Signs® 2017

Measuring what matters to Winnipeggers!

What is Vital Signs®?

Winnipeg’s first full Vital Signs® is a check-up on the vitality of our community that identifies significant needs and trends. The report combines research with the results of a survey, in which community members provide insights on issue areas critical to quality of life in Winnipeg.

Vital Signs® is a national program led by individual community foundations and coordinated by Community Foundations of Canada. Cumulatively, the initiative works to leverage local knowledge, measure community well-being and support action towards improving our collective quality of life as Canadians. More than 65 communities in Canada and around the world are using Vital Signs® to mobilize the power of community knowledge for greater local impact.

Our goals for Winnipeg’s Vital Signs® 2017 are:

  • Inform our strategic planning as we define the path towards our centennial in 2021;
  • Increase the effectiveness of the Foundation's grant-making;
  • Enhance resources on issues/opportunities for our donors and the broader community;
  • Inspire new discussion, connections and community advancement on issues.

This project builds on our experience implementing Winnipeg’s Youth Vital Signs® report in 2014, when we invited young Winnipeggers, aged 14-29, to grade key areas of life, identify opportunities for change and categorize priorities for community investment.

Vital Conversations

Vital Conversations are the opportunities to share your perspective through community consultations. Please stay tuned to The Winnipeg Foundation’s Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for the most up-to-date information.

Check back for details on our third Vital Conversation in June 2017.

Bridging Divides, Shaping Futures

Watch the keynote from Dr. Kevin Lamoureux, Associate Vice-President Indigenous Affairs at the University of Winnipeg at our second Vital Conversation: Bridging Divides, Shaping Futures on April 12, 2017.

The Winnipeg Foundation presented Bridging Divides, Shaping Futures in partnership with the Circles of Reconciliation.

This initiative is made possible by the Community Fund for Canada’s 150th, a collaboration between The Winnipeg Foundation, the Government of Canada, and extraordinary leaders from coast to coast to coast.

Mental Health, Addictions and Healing

Watch these highlights from our first Vital Conversation: Mental Health, Addictions and Healing on January 23, 2017.

You can watch the full one-hour video on our Facebook page, A Conversation About Mental Health, Addictions and Healing.

The Winnipeg Foundation presented Mental Health, Addictions and Healing in partnership with the Canadian Mental Health Association.

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