Each YiP committee researches, discusses and conducts site visits to determine which community projects they want to support.

Miles Mac quote

“Youth in Philanthropy inspires us to be aware of the needs in our society and shows that youth are in power to help fulfill those needs.”

– Miles MacDonnell Youth in Philanthropy Committee

Westwood quote

“YiP fosters the idea that youth can make a difference and site visits are probably the best embodiment of this.”

– Westwood Youth in Philanthropy Committee


Youth in Philanthropy

Youth in Philanthropy (YiP) is for young people who envision a safe, strong community where everyone from any culture and background can work together. YiP helps everyone in our community and you can be a part of it...

All about YiP

YiP is designed to introduce motivated young people, like you, to philanthropy and local community development. The program will give you hands-on experience working as a team and with local charitable organizations. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience.

In September, schools/organizations form YiP committees. Each committee receives $5,000 from The Winnipeg Foundation to distribute to charities of their choice. As a committee you decide on your areas of focus, goals and criteria. You will research charities that meet your criteria and learn more about what they do by visiting them and interviewing people who work there.

Each committee member helps to decide which charities will receive grants, how much money each will receive, and how it will be spent. You will then submit your grant recommendations to The Winnipeg Foundation's Board for final approval. In May, the program winds up with a celebration for YiP participants, staff advisors and grant recipients.

Through YiP you’ll gain skills that will last a lifetime and learn about some amazing people and organizations doing powerful work to make our community better.

Program highlights:

YiP in Action! Grant: Apply for funds for your community project!

St. John’s-Ravenscourt
Students at St. John’s-Ravenscourt assembled 'Dress For Success Kits' for Resource Assistance for Youth.

YiP committees can apply for funds (up to $1000) to help with the costs of a project. Projects must be designed to further introduce committee members to philanthropy, give them hands-on experience working as a team, and with a local registered charitable organization. Group volunteering activities, arts/culture/recreation events, and fundraising projects will be considered.

Your YiP committee members need to:

  • identify areas of interest and need in the community
  • design a feasible project and budget
  • implement the project and encourage student involvement
  • submit an interim and final report

A panel of YiP alumni will review applications to determine if your project will receive funding. If your proposal is approved, the funds will be forwarded to your school. Once your project is complete, you will be required to submit a final report, including a detailed list of how the funds were used and copies of receipts.

Getting started

  1. Think of a project that could:
    • help your committee members work as a team
    • help your committee learn more about community through hands-on experiences
    • benefit the Winnipeg community through a registered charitable organization
    For inspiration to start your project, download YiP in Action! - Past Projects [PDF].
  2. Get your staff advisor’s support.
  3. If your project requires any involvement from a community organization, make sure that your committee contacts them before submitting your application.
  4. Apply for funding from a YiP in Action! grant.

Apply for funding

  1. Review the project guidelines.
  2. Fill out the funding application.
  3. Submit your application.

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YiP in Action! grant

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Resources & Downloads: Everything you need to run an effective committee

  • Guide to Submitting Grant Recommendations [PDF]: Step-by-step by instructions on how to enter your committee's grant recommendations in The Winnipeg Foundation's online grantmaking system.
  • All About Grants [PDF]: Everything your committee needs to know to decide on their grant recommendations, including information on setting priorities, researching organizations, and a handy grant making quiz.
  • Site Visits - The Basics [PDF]: A guide to prep and get the most information when your committee visits a charitable organization.
  • About Your Committee [PDF]: How-to guide on developing your committee, your mission statement, voting or consensus, and critical thinking.
  • Timeline & Checklist [PDF]: Step by step process of what needs to be done and when.
  • Timeline Calendar [PDF]: To Do's, meeting and due dates and important events for every month from September to May.
  • YiP Policy & Guidelines [PDF]
  • YiP in Action! - Past Projects [PDF]
  • Helpful Links [PDF]: More information about other Youth opportunities.
  • Posters [PDF]
  • Admin Grant [PDF]: Information on how you should (and shouldn’t) use your administrative grant.

Committees: This year’s participating schools and organizations

  • Argyle Alternative High School 
  • Balmoral Hall School
  • Boys and Girls Club of Winnipeg
  • Children of the Earth High School
  • Churchill High School
  • Dakota Collegiate
  • Daniel McIntyre Collegiate
  • Fort Richmond Collegiate
  • Garden City Collegiate
  • Glenlawn Collegiate
  • Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization of Manitoba (IRCOM)
  • John Taylor Collegiate
  • Kelvin High School
  • Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre
  • Mennonite Brethren Collegiate
  • Miles Macdonell Collegiate
  • Murdoch MacKay Collegiate
  • Oak Park High School
  • R.B. Russell Vocational High School
  • Shaftesbury High School
  • St. James Collegiate
  • St. John’s High School
  • St. John’s-Ravenscourt School
  • St. Mary’s Academy
  • St. Paul's High School
  • Tec Voc High School
  • Transcona Collegiate
  • University of Winnipeg Collegiate
  • Vincent Massey Collegiate
  • Westwood Collegiate

Past Grantees: Check out which organizations committees have granted to in the past

In May, YiP winds up with a celebration for the participants, advisors and grant recipients. The celebration booklets below include information about all the committees and the grants they made during their school year.

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