Statue of Mr. Alloway



Richard Frost
Chief Executive Officer
Cathy Auld
Director of Strategic Philanthropy
Raquel Bracken
Administrative Assistant
Nicole Chartrand
Executive Assistant
Jennifer Partridge
Strategic Projects Associate
Brent Retzlaff
Policy Administration Specialist

Communications & Marketing

LuAnn Lovlin
Director of Communications & Marketing
Nolan Bicknell
Communications Specialist
Stacy Cardigan Smith
Communications Associate
Nancy Mak
Website Specialist
Jeremy Morantz
Communications Assistant
Sonny Primolo
Communications Coordinator
Brittine Schmitz
Communications Coordinator
Carolina Stecher
Community Engagement Convenor
Robert Zirk
Communications Specialist

Donor Engagement

Mary Beth Taylor
Director of Donor Engagement
Niña Bayona
Donor Engagement Administrative Assistant
Kathryne Cardwell
Donor Engagement Associate (on maternity leave)
Kirsten Davidson
Donor Advised Funds Specialist
Carly Demchuk
Donor Engagement Specialist (on maternity leave)
Jaime Kyle
Donor Engagement Specialist
Pat Lilley
Donor Engagement Convenor
Jennifer Litchfield
Senior Associate & Counsel - Donor Engagement
Dianne Maendel
Donor Engagement Administrative Coordinator
Alana Squire
Donor Engagement Specialist

Endow Manitoba

Alan Goddard
Director of Endow Manitoba
Denise Campbell
Program Specialist - Endow Manitoba
Courtney Feldman
Community Engagement Specialist
Kevin Parsons
Community Engagement Specialist


Susan Hagemeister
Director of Finance
Lindsay Auld
Senior Accountant
Michelle Bergen
Senior Financial Analyst
Jenna Boucher
Finance Administrative Assistant
Jocelyn Harron
Finance Administrative Assistant
Shlwyn Herrera
Junior Accountant
Jennifer Lucas
Supervisor of Student Awards
Anna-Maria Pozzi
Student Awards Coordinator
Ali Saltel
Accountant (on maternity leave)
Hanniah Seo
Junior Accountant
Manal Youssef
Finance Administrative Assistant


Megan Tate
Director of Community Grants
Neneth Bañas
Community Grants Associate
Kayla Dauphinais
Community Grants Administrative Assistant
Brigette DePape
Grants Specialist
Noah Erenberg
Community Grants Associate
Aliya Mrochuk
Youth Engagement Coordinator
Kerry Ryan
Community Grants Associate
Ana Tisaj
Grants Administration Coordinator
Joanna Turner
Community Grants Associate
Andrea Zimmer
Grants Administration Specialist


Darlene Ott
Director of Information Technology
Andy Robert
Desktop and Network Support Technician
Barb Schneider
Applications Support Analyst
Glenn Seburn
Technology Systems Analyst