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FAQs - Granting


Is my project eligible for a grant?

To be eligible for a grant from The Winnipeg Foundation, your organization must have a registered charity number and your project must primarily serve the citizens of Winnipeg. Please review the Policies and Guidelines, located on our website, for the type of grant you are seeking. If you still have questions, contact one of our Community Grants Associates.

What do you fund?

The Winnipeg Foundation is a 360-degree granter, meaning that we support a wide range of projects across our community. Please visit Apply for a Grant to learn more about our general Community Grants Program and current granting priorities, as well as our Special Grants Programs. Grants can cover a wide variety of expenses includes staffing, administration, materials, renovations and much more.

My project has already started/ended. Can I still apply for funding?

No. Grants will not be made to cover expenses incurred before the grant decision date.

How many applications can I submit?

You may submit one application per calendar year to our Community Grants (ie you may choose from a One-Time, Multi-Year or Major Capital request). In the case of a collaboration between a registered charity and a non-profit, or two registered charities, we will consider a second One-Time Community Grant request. For information about collaborations, click on How do you define collaboration? under Applying for a grant.

You apply to any of our Special Program Grants once per calendar year, however you may not apply for a Community Grant and Special Program Grant for the same project.

Can I request money from The Winnipeg Foundation if I have a personal dire need?

The Foundation does not make grants or loans to individuals. As a community foundation, it can only provide grants to organizations that are registered charities.

My previous project is not yet complete. May I apply for a new grant?

We will accept a new grant application only after receiving a final report from your previous grant in the same category. So, for example, if you have an outstanding Community Grant, you may apply for a Professional Development Grant but not a new Community Grant.

Applying for a grant

I forgot my password. How can I access my account?

Just click the forgot password button and enter your e-mail address as prompted. A new temporary password will be sent to you.

What do you look for in a grant application?

You can find assessment criteria for Community Grants in our Community Grants - Policies and Assesment Criteria [PDF]. (Criteria are similar for Special Grants Programs.) You can read the application questions in Preparing your applicaion [PDF]. Please note the application process is competitive.

For more information, register for a Grants Information Session.

How do you define collaboration?

We define collaboration as two or more organizations that are jointly planning and implementing a project. Features of a collaboration include defined roles and responsibilities for each partner, as well as regular meetings to plan and implement the project. The collaboration can be between two or more registered charities or between a registered charity and a non-profit organization.

What is the turn-around time on a Professional Development grant application? Can I apply for professional development for more than one staff person?

Please apply at least three or four weeks in advance of the professional development opportunity. You may apply for funding for more than one staff person, however the requests must be grouped together in a single application.

After a grant is awarded

I am experiencing some issues with the project funded by The Foundation. What should I do?

Connect with your Community Grants Associate. He or she will problem solve with you to work through a solution. If you’re not sure who your Grant Associate is, please email our Grants Team.

I am completing my final report, but I cannot find my original budget. Who can I ask for help?

If you haven’t saved a copy of your budget for your files, please email our admin team for help.

When is my final report due?

Final reports are due within three months of your project’s completion. You must submit a satisfactory final report before submitting a new request in the same grant category.

Visit the Your Grant is Approved: Next Steps to find your final report form and instructions on how to submit it. Please submit your final report four weeks prior to your next grant application.


What is happening with the Multi-Year Community Grants program?

The Winnipeg Foundation introduced Multi-Year Community Grants on a pilot basis, offered in 2017 and 2018. The pilot focused on two specific categories – Program (for programs that had already received two or more consecutive years of Community Grant support) and Capacity Building.

The Multi-Year Community Grants program is on pause in 2019 while we evaluate. We expect to offer Multi-Year Community Grants in 2020, however it is likely there will be a different focus and different criteria, based on what we learn from the pilot phase, as well other funding priorities identified in The Foundation’s forthcoming strategic plan.

My question doesn’t appear above, who can I contact?

If you have a technical question related to your application (IE accessing the online application form, uploading documents, how to submit your final report, etc.) please contact our Grants Administrators at 204-944-9474 or by email.

If you have a question about your project’s eligibility, or what information to provide in your application, please contact our Community Grants Associates at 204-944-9474 or by email.