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Information for Grant Recipients

Terms of Grant Agreement

If your grant application is successful, you will be notified by The Winnipeg Foundation. You will also receive a package in the mail that contains your Terms of Grant Agreement (TGA), stating the amount of the grant, its purpose and any other important information. We require you to sign this document and return a copy to us.

Paying out your grant

Grants of $35,000 and less will be fully paid out after The Foundation has received your signed Terms of Grant Agreement. Grants greater than $35,000, or those with special conditions, will be paid out according to the process outlined in your TGA.

Grant Recognition Requirements

By recognizing the support of The Winnipeg Foundation and its donors, you are helping build the giving spirit in our community while promoting your project and organization. We require all grant recipients to acknowledge the support of The Winnipeg Foundation. There are a variety of options available to you to Recognize Your Grant [PDF]

Consult your TGA for any other instructions regarding grant recognition.

If Problems Arise

If your agency is unable to fulfill the Terms of Grant Agreement, or your project plans or budget change, please contact the Community Grants Associate assigned to your file or call the Grants Team at 204-944-9474.

Final Reporting

We require a final report when your project is complete. For all granting programs, a final report must be submitted before you apply for a new grant in that program.

Submit your completed report by email.

Find your final report form here...