Group of kids and teachers.

Community Leadership

We foster generosity and community spirit.

Community leadership initiatives provide resources, opportunities, advice and much more to encourage leadership and citizenship in our community. The Winnipeg Foundation believes a more informed and engaged community is a more caring and giving community.

Community News Commons

From 2012 to 2017, CNC successfully trained hundreds of people on how to create multi-media online journalism, paving the way for the publishing of 3,000 stories, thousands of photographs, and numerous video and audio segments, posted by a diverse and energetic group of citizen journalists. You are invited to browse the online archive website at

Endow Manitoba

The Winnipeg Foundation is proud to work with our 55 fellow Manitoba community foundations to encourage and nurture the giving spirit for which our province is known. Endow Manitoba promotes and builds our network of like-minded organizations.

Fast Pitch

The Winnipeg Foundation’s Fast Pitch is an 8-week coaching program to help build the capacity of, and create visibility for, Winnipeg’s charitable sector.

River City 360

River City 360 (RC360), views and news from around Winnipeg, is a radio program on CJNU 93.7 FM featuring stories about individuals and charitable organizations working to make Winnipeg the best it can be, along with music and community event updates.

Vital Signs®

Winnipeg’s first full Vital Signs® is a snapshot on the vitality of our community that identifies significant needs and trends. The report combines research with the results of a survey, in which community members provide insights on issue areas critical to quality of life in Winnipeg.