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BeCause Radio, The Winnipeg Foundation's show on CJNU 93.7 FM, focuses on the Causes Winnipeggers care about, featuring stories about local charitable organizations and impact-makers as well as Foundation activities.

Tune in Thursdays at 12:00 pm (noon) as hosts Robert Zirk and Sonny Primolo share inspiring stories of how Winnipeggers are making a difference in our community. You can also hear a rebroadcast of BeCause Radio Saturday mornings at 8:00 am.

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  • -Health -Wellness -Recreation

Providing and advocating for inclusive women's health services

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  • -Children -Youth -Families

Making a positive difference for child abuse victims

  • Audio
  • Community

Engaging youth in the parliamentary process

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  • -Literacy -Education -Employment

Supporting social enterprises

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  • -Arts -Culture -Heritage

Supporting independent theatre and bringing Manitoba’s history to life

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  • -Children -Youth -Families

Helping families reunite

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BeCause Radio was originally River City 360 from 2015 to April 2019. Check it out at River City 360.

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