BeCause & Effect #14: Ian Mauro

BeCause & Effect

Welcome to BeCause & Effect, a podcast from the Winnipeg Foundation. We’re here to talk to people about the causes they care about, and the effect that it has on their lives. My name is Nolan Bicknell.

I could talk to Dr. Ian Mauro for hours about climate change. He’s a uniquely equipped expert in the field, with decades of education, research, and first-hand experience on all aspects of the impending climate catastrophe.

He is the Executive Director of the Prairie Climate Centre at the University of Winnipeg, a filmmaker, activist, and environmental and social scientist.

I sat down with Ian, to talk about climate change, the role technology and media has to play, and trying to inspire a fundamental shift in the way we approach our relationship with the land.

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Host Nolan Bicknell talks to people about the Causes they care about and the Effect it has on their lives. BeCause & Effect is a podcast of The Winnipeg Foundation.

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