Combating climate change and its effects on our health

BeCause Radio


  • The Winnipeg Foundation recently held a Vital Conversation called Your Health: The Risks and Realities of Climate Change. In this episode, we'll bring you conversations with each of the panelists from the event.
  • Foundation Feature (Environment and Animal Welfare): Keynote speaker Kim Perrotta from the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment joins us to talk about how climate change is affecting our physical and mental health 
  • Panelist Heather Mitchell from the Green Action Centre joins us to discuss her presentation at the Vital Conversation, climate change, and her work at the Green Action Centre.
  • This week's Winnipeg Impact Maker, the Farm Fresh Food Hub, practices sustainability through the South Osborne Farmers Market. 
  • And highlights from the Because & Effect podcast with panelist Dr. Ian Mauro from the Prairie Climate Centre.

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