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2015 Annual Report
Honour, the Foundation’s 2015 Annual Report

For Immediate Release: In 2015, The Winnipeg Foundation increased its already substantial support for community agencies by nearly $5 million over 2014, its previous record granting year. A total of $27.7 million was distributed to a variety of charitable organizations last year. The 20 per cent increase is thanks to the confidence of donors from all walks of life and continued positive investment returns.

“The past year has been an extraordinary one for The Winnipeg Foundation,” says CEO Richard Frost. “We’re honoured to work within an environment where generosity is the norm. It’s both humbling and inspiring.” The Foundation announced its 2015 results today, along with a new major initiative. In honour of its 95th year, the Foundation is making a grant of $950,000 for renovations to St. Amant. The support will help St. Amant better-serve Manitobans with developmental disabilities and autism.

Grant money is drawn from 3,041 endowments that have been established at the Foundation since 1921. With the addition of $24.9 million in gifts last year, these permanent funds reached more than $693 million at the Foundation’s fiscal year end (September 30, 2015), providing a steady stream of support for community charities.

In 2015, more than 900 different organizations benefited from Foundation support, including the North Centennial Seniors Association’s Grandma and Grandpa Swim Program, Returning to Spirit’s reconciliation workshops, and Sunshine House’s work with some of Winnipeg’s most stigmatized people. These grants were possible thanks to more than 4,600 generous donors who made gifts of all sizes to the Foundation last year.

These stories and others can be found in Honour, the Foundation’s 2015 Annual Report. A summary of the report will be included in the Winnipeg Free Press on Saturday, January 16 and the full report is available at

The Winnipeg Foundation, Canada’s first community foundation, was established in 1921. Built by people from all walks of life, the Foundation pools and invests gifts entrusted to it in order to generate grants that benefit a variety of local charitable needs.


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