RC360 Season 4, Episode 12

River City 360

In this instalment of River City 360:

  • What does your Winnipeg look like in 2030? The upcoming Vital Conversation, Your Winnipeg in 2030: Building Belonging in Our City is taking place this coming Tuesday.

  • Carolina Stetcher, Community Engagement Convener at The Winnipeg Foundation, joins us to discuss the event and how you can have your say.

  • Hijab Mitra, Architect at MISTECTURE and panelist at the Your Winnipeg in 2030 event, tells us about her approach to design and why it’s important for Winnipeg.

  • And Brent Bellamy, Creative Director at Number TEN Architectural Group and panelist at Your Winnipeg in 2030, shares his thoughts on sustainability, Portage and Main, and changing the dialogue about density and transportation in our city.



Originally broadcast on 93.7 CJNU-FM on March 29, 2018.


River City 360 is a project of The Winnipeg Foundation, in partnership with 93.7 CJNU FM. River City 360