RC360 Season 4, Episode 14

River City 360

In this instalment of River City 360:

  • On today’s show, we’re exploring how Canadians give and trends in charitable contributions in Manitoba and nationwide. The Winnipeg Foundation recently hosted its Charitable Sector Insights event to talk about these trends and we’ll bring you coverage.

  • Bruce MacDonald, President and CEO of Imagine Canada, joins us to talk about Imagine Canada's recently released report called 30 Years of Giving In Canada. We’ll talk about the trends in the data, and what that means for the future of local and national organizations.

  • We’ll also speak with Rick Frost, CEO of The Winnipeg Foundation, to learn about Stressed, Stretched, and Still Standing, their recently released report that delves into Winnipeg’s charitable sector and the specifics of how Manitobans give.

  • We’ll also hear from attendees at the Charitable Sector Insights event to learn about what they hoped to gain from and what they thought of the charitable sector reports.


Originally broadcast on 93.7 CJNU-FM on April 12, 2018


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