RC360 Season 2, Episode 41

River City 360

In this instalment of River City 360:

  • Jennifer Aarhus, Student Awards Specialist at The Winnipeg Foundation, joins us to talk about the Winnipeg Scholars Awards, which are given to exceptional Manitoba students.
  • Winnipeg-based painter, curator, writer, and educator Tim Schouten talks about The St. Peter's Reserve Project, which explores Manitoba's treaties through art.
  • The second part of our interview with Kevin Lamoureux, Associate Vice-President of Indigenous Affairs at the University of Winnipeg, on the subject of truth and reconciliation.
  • The Manitoba Hockey Trivia Challenge features a new hockey trivia question with a Winnipeg or Manitoba connection.
  • And Noah Erenberg, Convener of Community News Commons, joins hosts Nolan Bicknell and Robert Zirk to discuss the latest stories written by citizen journalists on CNC.

Originally broadcast on 93.7 CJNU-FM on October 17, 2016.

River City 360 is a project of The Winnipeg Foundation, in partnership with 93.7 CJNU FM. River City 360