RC360 Season 3, Episode 34

River City 360

In this instalment of River City 360:

  • Eric Napier Strong, curator and manager of the Seven Oaks House Museum, joins us to talk about some of the special events going on at one of the oldest surviving homes in Winnipeg.
  • Marianna Pozdirca shares her experience with SIP, the Winnipeg Foundation’s Summer Internship Program, at the Society for Manitobans with Disabilities (SMD) Foundation.
  • Kristi Nikkel and Christine Ahrens, the co-hosts of A Winnipeg Slice, will join us to talk about a couple of the stories they’ve been working on this week.
  • And Noah Erenberg joins Nolan and Robert to discuss the latest stories from citizen journalists at Community News Commons.

Originally broadcast on 93.7 CJNU-FM on August 24, 2017.

River City 360 is a project of The Winnipeg Foundation, in partnership with 93.7 CJNU FM. River City 360