RC360 Season 3, Episode 38

River City 360

In this instalment of River City 360:

  • We take a trip to Canada’s Diversity Gardens, located at Assiniboine Park and slated to open in 2019. Gerald Dieleman, Project Director, and David Thomas, Design Consultant, join us to talk about what to expect when the Gardens open, as well as the motivations behind the Gardens’ impressive modern design.
  • Rick Bochinski, Camp Director at Camp Manitou, will join us to talk about some of the recent enhancements to the camp and what that means for the campers who attend.

  • And Noah Erenberg, Convener of Community News Commons, joins us to discuss the latest stories from citizen journalists on CNC.

Originally broadcast on 93.7 CJNU-FM on September 22, 2017.

River City 360 is a project of The Winnipeg Foundation, in partnership with 93.7 CJNU FM. River City 360