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Jud Snell and Bud Irving
Jud Snell (left) with life-long friend Bud Irving.

George ‘Jud’ Snell loved people, animals and nature.

Mr. Snell surrounded himself with the outdoors and served on the Fort Whyte Board of Trustees.

“He loved just being outside. He loved his boat. He loved to fish. And he just loved to chop wood,” says Harold ‘Bud’ Irving, Jud’s devoted friend for more than 70 years.

Born in Minneapolis, MN in 1917, Mr. Snell moved to Winnipeg in 1928. The Snell family lived on the first floor of the Dorchester Apartments, which is where Jud first met Bud, whose family lived on the third.

Mr. Snell graduated from Kelvin High School in 1934 and received a BA from the University of Manitoba in 1940. He enlisted in the R.C.A.F. on Jan. 2, 1942 and he was a member of the R.C.A.F. Ottawa Flyers in ’42 when they won the Allen Cup. He was posted to the R.A.F. in England as a Pilot Officer and was discharged in 1945 as a Flight Lieutenant.

Mr. Snell worked as a coal salesman before becoming a stockbroker with Richardson Securities in 1962 until his retirement in 1982.

He married Marilyn Loretta Jordan in 1958. The Snells and Irvings were great friends.

“We spent as much time over at his place as we did at home,” Mr. Irving says.

Jud and Marilyn purchased a large property on the south side of Winnipeg, which allowed them to be close to nature and gave their dogs plenty of room to roam.

“The Snells had this cottage on Kilkenny Drive. It was just a summer cottage and he and Marilyn decided that they would like to live there, so they did all kinds of renovations.”

Marilyn passed away suddenly in 1984; Mr. Snell never remarried.

In his Will, Mr. Snell left gifts for the Fort Whyte Foundation, the Winnipeg Humane Society, and a Community Building Fund at The Winnipeg Foundation. His parents, George S. and Katherine Snell, were also Winnipeg Foundation supporters.

“He believed in the things that The Foundation was set up for and he knew that when he left his money to The Foundation it would be treated similar to what his mother and dad wanted to have done,” says Mr. Irving, who was Executor of Mr. Snell’s estate.

According to Mr. Irving, Jud would have known gifts to a Community Building Fund allow The Foundation to respond to the community’s most pressing needs.

“Sometimes you give it to a particular purpose and sometimes you leave it up to The Foundation to do what they do naturally.”

Planning now to give later

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What’s a Community Building Fund?

Our most common and flexible type of fund, Community Building Funds allow The Foundation to respond to our community’s changing needs by determining which charitable organizations will receive grants. To learn more visit The Foundation's Give to Address Winnipeg's Needs webpage.