Tying Loose Ends Project

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Sunshine House
Staff and drop-in participants at Sunshine House.

At Sunshine House, it’s “come as you are” and the welcome is warm whether or not you’re clean and sober. About 150 people drop in every week, taking part in a variety of programs focused on building a safe, social environment for those who need it most. Many who come are homeless or inadequately housed, street-involved or drug users, but what defines them all is the stigma they face in the community.

Staff at Sunshine House don’t aim to clean anyone up (though if an individual decides to make a change, they offer support and resources), rather they identify the harm a person may face and find ways to mitigate it. Their work is to see and support the ability in everyone, and provide an opportunity to participate – whether through creativity, literacy, building skills, sharing a meal or sharing their stories.      

The Faron Hall National Fund for the Homeless was established in 2009 by an anonymous donor to celebrate Mr. Hall’s heroic rescue of a teenager from drowning. Dubbed the “homeless hero” by media, Mr. Hall battled addiction and depression; in 2014 he lost his life in that same river where he had demonstrated such bravery. The fund in his name will continue to help those in our community who share Mr. Hall’s struggles. He is also remembered with a plaque at Sunshine House.

An Anonymous Donor Advised Fund, the Moffat Family Fund, as well as the Faron Hall National Fund for the Homeless helped support this grant for two part-time positions at Sunshine House.