The Vital Signs Journey

Tracy Hucul, Green Action Centre

Tracy Hucul, Executive Director of Green Action Centre
Tracy Hucul, Executive Director of Green Action Centre

As the Executive Director of Green Action Centre, an environmental non-profit in Winnipeg with a history of over 30 years, I experience and rely on our city in many different ways; all of which connect to Vital Signs.

I started the Vital Signs journey with The Foundation 15 months ago, when I was invited to sit on the committee with a room full of individuals from various sectors – each with an important voice to be heard. As I worked through the documents that resulted in the report, the thing that started to crystalize, was how everything is interconnected and how simply fixing one issue in a system usually doesn’t work. We need a whole systems approach.

Vital Signs aims to create a comprehensive view of our city and our key issues by including statistics and feedback from community members. With this report, The Foundation is able to share what matters most to Winnipeggers today - and what we need to tackle now in order grow stronger, more sustainable, and connected.

I encourage you to take the time to read, use and share Vital Signs, to learn about the citizen priorities and to familiarize yourself with the stories and the stats. I also challenge you to choose an issue that resonates with you and to make a commitment to do one new thing that you know will help make a difference.

Thank you to The Winnipeg Foundation for leading this important initiative, and for inviting me to be part of the journey.