BeCause & Effect #5: Steven Schipper

Thirty years is a long time. Steven Schipper took the reins of the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre as their Artistic Director back in 1989, and announced his retirement following the 2019 season.

Steven is a thoughtful and measured man, and though we started talking about the legacy of Royal MTC under his leadership and how that evolved, the conversation eventually led to the value of art and artistry to society, and the power of theatre to change lives, and even the time he Directed Keanu Reeves back in 1995.

My conversation with Steven further cemented his credentials as a master storyteller, and it’s an honour to have him on the BeCause & Effect Podcast.

We talked about a career helping to build the theatre community, true artistic collaboration, and the quality and balance that Steven and the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre have strived towards for decades.

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Host Nolan Bicknell talks to people about the Causes they care about and the Effect it has on their lives. BeCause & Effect is a podcast of The Winnipeg Foundation.

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