BeCause & Effect #6: Sister Lesley Sacouman


Sister Lesley Sacouman has a list of community accomplishments and accolades too long to name. She’s the founder of so many programs and organizations in our city – many listeners may have heard of. Holy Names House of Peace, Eagle’s Circle, and Rossbrook House. She’s served on boards for many organizations, including Esther House, and Anishinabe Oway-Ishi, and the Winnipeg Foundation. She also holds an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity from the University of Winnipeg.

But she’s most well- known for her devotion to making life better for children, women, and any person in need of a helping hand.

As a former teacher for more than 17 years, she has made it her life’s work to teach, to help, and to lead.

I sat down with Sister Lesley to talk about the power of empathy, the generosity of community and acknowledging the struggle and inequity in our world.

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