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The Winnipeg Foundation’s BeCause & Effect podcast talks with people about the Causes most important to them, and the effect those Causes have on their lives. Hosted by The Foundation’s Nolan Bicknell, the podcast recently finished its seventh season with incredible guests who shared inspirational thoughts and stories.

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Here is a selection of guests featured on the most recent season of the podcast:

Tom Bryk

Tom holding a sign that says Health, Wellness & Recreation.

Tom Bryk has a humble wisdom that helps him navigate his role as the new Board Chair of The Winnipeg Foundation. On his episode, Tom discusses the state of the philanthropic sector at this pivotal moment in time. He talks about the culture, and how it’s changing and will continue to change, in a post-pandemic world, The Foundation’s role and direction, the secret to a successful board of directors, and everything in between.

“At a young age, my dad was very involved in a lot of organizations, charities, and cultural organizations. So I just saw him doing these things all the time. It was just normal to me. It wasn’t until I was in my mid-twenties or so, that I got involved in some organizations, and I can tell you in every case, I got way more out of it than whatever people think I put into it. The people you meet, the knowledge you gain about your community, and when you move the needle on whatever it is you’re moving, it’s a collective celebration. Volunteerism is what we do to live in society. This is the rent you have to pay, and you have to be involved if you’re capable of being involved. If your circumstances allow you to be involved, you have to contribute.”

Hear the full interview > BeCause & Effect #80

Susan Sader

Susan Sader is the Executive Director of Good Neighbours Active Living Centre. Good Neighbours has been supporting seniors with their physical, mental, and emotional well-being for decades, and is an incredible resource in our city. Susan has been with Good Neighbours for 20 years and is an expert when it comes to meeting seniors where they’re at with activities, meals, hobbies, friendships, and more.

In this episode she talks about seniors’ needs during COVID-19, the importance of dealing with social isolation, and all the connections and lessons she’s acquired over her 20 years with Good Neighbours.

“People have got very comfortable in their aloneness. We are social creatures, we are meant to be socially engaged and active. And we’re finding that some people, because of the isolation, are nervous now about going out. We’re finding that people have lost their social confidence, the ability to be a social person and visit people. We’ve heard a lot and seen a lot from our members about this “COVID fog” — and Good Neighbours is going to have to address that.”

Hear the full interview > BeCause & Effect #84

Shahina Siddiqui

Shahina Siddiqui is a speaker, educator, community leader, and the co-founder and volunteer executive director of the Islamic Social Services Association (ISSA). Shahina has wisdom and a presence that few possess, and her perspective on life and its inherent challenges, is incredible. In this episode she talks about her faith, her career with ISSA and the wonderful work they’re doing, and how our community can collectively heal in a post-COVID world.

“That community feeling, to me it’s a duty. That’s what my faith and my grandmother taught me. When I take care of people, they’re doing me a favour by allowing me to be their helper. So it’s an honour for me. It’s not anything that is grand about me. I think that whole paradigm shift of values; every human society has the same core values, but we are slowly losing them because we are being brainwashed to think: ‘the more you have, the better off you are.’”

Hear the full interview > BeCause & Effect #89

This story is featured in the Spring 2022 issue of our Working Together magazine. Download or view the full issue on our Publications page.

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