Manitobans support community foundations with more than $1.5 million during 2021 Endow Manitoba Giving Challenge


Stretch funding from The Winnipeg Foundation and the Manitoba government meant each qualifying $5 gift was worth $7.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Community foundations provide vital funding for charitable projects and initiatives in local communities – support that has been even more important since the pandemic began. Thanks to the generosity of Manitobans, community foundations across our province received gifts totaling more than $1.5 million during this year’s Endow Manitoba Giving Challenge. This is the most raised during the eight-year history of the Giving Challenge! Since these gifts are endowed, Manitoba’s community foundations can provide even more support for local charitable activiies, now and forever.

From Nov. 15 to 21, each $5 gift made to a Manitoba community foundation’s undesignated fund was stretched by $1 from The Winnipeg Foundation (to a maximum of $2,000 per foundation) and by $1 from the Manitoba government (to a maximum of $2,000 per foundation). See complete results – 2021 Endow Manitoba Giving Challenge results [PDF].

Undesignated funds provide community foundations with the greatest flexibility in responding to their communities’ changing needs and emerging priorities through grants to local charities. The Giving Challenge is coordinated by Endow Manitoba, an initiative of The Winnipeg Foundation.

“Community foundations throughout our province ensure their local communities have access to reliable and stable funding for charitable projects and activities,” says Alan Goddard, director of Endow Manitoba.

Community foundations are built by community members working together for the betterment of all. Manitoba is home to 56 community foundations – the most, per capita, in North America. This demonstrates the value Manitobans place on caring for each other – and is epitomized by the results of this year’s Giving Challenge. Congratulations to all!”

“Our foundation receives tremendous support from our community throughout the year, but the Giving Challenge week really helped us gain momentum,” says Kit Daley, executive director of Dauphin and District Community Foundation. “We had a business enthusiastically get on board from day one, issuing fundraising challenges to other businesses to encourage more gifts. Donations came not only from current residents but former ones as well. We are incredibly grateful for each donation, large and small, and for the donors who believe in what we do. It’s because of your gifts that we can make grants to projects that enrich our community.”

“The COVID-19 pandemic has been rough on all Manitobans, yet we, as a province, continue to exemplify our caring and charitable nature for our neighbours and communities,” says Minister Municipal Relations Derek Johnson. “I congratulate Endow Manitoba and community foundations across our province on their historic 2021 Giving Challenge, and thank Manitobans for their continued generosity.”

Endow Manitoba Giving Challenge 2020 highlights:

  • $1,515,125.01 raised
  • $1,329,855.39 total gift value
  • $185,269.62 total stretch value
  • 2,446 gifts made
  • 36 community foundations received maximum stretch

Historic amounts raised during 24-Hour Giving Challenge:

  • 2021 – $1,515,125.01
  • 2020 – $1,254,238.81
  • 2019 – $1,010,386.83
  • 2018 – $1,016,666.61
  • 2017 – $893,448.89
  • 2016 – $497,115.99
  • 2015 – $555,868
  • 2014 – $245,428

Community foundations are charities, built by communities for communities. Gifts are pooled and permanently invested, and the interest earned is granted to local initiatives each year. Since the capital is never spent, your gifts support the community forever. Every year, community foundations invest millions of dollars into a wide range of local charitable projects, helping ensure our Manitoba hometowns are vibrant and thriving.

Endow Manitoba represents the network of our province’s community foundations. An initiative of The Winnipeg Foundation, Endow Manitoba works with the province’s 56 community foundations to increase their impact and to advance the movement.

The Winnipeg Foundation is For Good. Forever. We help people give back to our shared community by connecting generous donors with Causes they care about For Good. We’re are an endowment-based public foundation, so gifts are pooled and invested, and the annual earnings are distributed back to the community Forever. Formed in 1921, we are proud to be the first community foundation in Canada.


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