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Photo courtesy of MGR. Participants in Manitoba Green Retrofit (MGR), a social enterprise that offers services such as energy efficiency retrofits and residential renovations. MGR received financing from the Jubilee Fund.
Foundation provides stretch dollars for the Jubilee Fund.

The Jubilee Fund has financed some of our city’s best-known non-profits and social enterprises. To allow it to do even more great work, The Winnipeg Foundation is matching all investments made to the Jubilee Fund, to a maximum of $100,000 annually, until September 2023.

Merchants Corner, Elements Restaurant, SEED Winnipeg, Pollock’s Hardware Co-op, Tall Grass Prairie Bread Company and Manitoba Green Retrofit, are among the dozens of projects that have been supported by the Jubilee Fund since it began in 2000.

The Jubilee Fund is an ethical investment fund established to raise awareness about the interrelated issues of poverty reduction, financial assets, and access to credit. It provides loan guarantees and bridge financing to non-profit organizations and social enterprises, which are then used for community-based projects that reduce poverty and financial exclusion.

“When investing with the Jubilee Fund, your investment is used to provide a loan guarantee to organizations working towards poverty reduction within Manitoba,” explains Mark Adams, President of the Jubilee Fund. “These organizations don’t qualify for traditional financing due to lack of credit or assets; we give them the ability to build credit for the next time they require financing. The Jubilee Fund ensures that each and every dollar invested through us, is used to make the Manitoba community a better and healthier community.”

“We are pleased to support the Jubilee Fund’s social impact investing approach. It aims to provide a modest return to investors while supporting worthwhile community projects,” says Rick Frost, CEO of The Winnipeg Foundation. “This kind of financial support is important to create new and innovative non-profits that serve our community.”

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