Honour a loved one with a memorial gift


At a time of loss, a gift to our community is a meaningful way to remember a loved one.

The Winnipeg Foundation offers a number of memorial gift options.


You can give, or direct memorial gifts, to an existing fund.

What Cause did your love one care about? The Foundation has six Cause funds to choose from:

Looking for something else? We also have hundreds of other funds that may be a better fit. Contact us for details.


Creating a Memorial Fund provides a lasting legacy in honour of someone you love and offers a simple, flexible way to accept and acknowledge memorial gifts.

The Foundation offers you the flexibility of quickly creating a fund to which gifts can be directed. You can take your time deciding how these gifts will support the community.

Memorial Funds can be ready to accept gifts within 24-hours.


Once you are ready, you can decide how you want the fund to be used.

You may choose to:

  • Establish an endowment – a permanent fund that gives back every year. This fund’s purpose may reflect your loved one’s favourite Cause or values, or benefit the community as a whole.
  • Contribute funds to an existing fund at The Winnipeg Foundation.
  • Give a one-time grant to a charity of your choice.


We can help you with fund wording for the obituary, provide customized gift forms for a service, and create an online page where people can give through our website. We’ll notify you of all gifts received, thank each donor individually, and provide a tax receipt for each gift.

To learn more about making a memorial gift or establishing a memorial fund, please contact:

Kathryne Cardwell,
Donor Engagement Associate
Email Kathryne


In fiscal 2019, the following people, groups and events were honoured or remembered with gifts to The Winnipeg Foundation.

# – B

1988 Bison Women’s National Championship
Dr. Glen and Jean Acheson
Judy Aiken
Percy Alderson
Susan Algie
Evan Allan
Fay Alward
Lenard Anthony
Jack Armstrong
Janet Arnott
Gail Asper
Isabel and Murray Auld
Sheri Bailey
Dale Bially and Liam Morton
Diane Banash
Nicholas and Elizabeth Banera
George Barclay
Jim and Gladys Barclay
Kal Barteski
Joan Baudic

Karen Beatty
Gertie and Asher Begleiter
Evelyn Bell
Edward Bell
Margret Benedictson
Eileen Bennett
Gay Benns
Alexander Bergmann
Martin Bergmann
Rosemarie Bergmann
Nolan Bicknell
Marjorie Blankstein
Betty Blight
Deborah Blower
David and Fred Borger
J.H. and Katie Borger
Joan Borton
James and Jean Bracken
Hart Brown
Linda Brown

C – D

CAGP GTA Chapter
CAGP National Office
CAGP Niagara Chapter
CAGP Waterloo Chapter
Eddie Calisto-Tavares and Gilbert Tavares
Alison Campbell
Heather Campbell
Canada’s Residential School Survivors
Debra Caners
Jean Capella
Patricia Casey
Sharon Catton
Joshua Chornick
Neil Christoffersen
Louisa Chu
Doug Church
Barb Cieszynski
Jean Cliffe
Climate Action Day 2019
George and Ina Coleman
Chris Colp
Roma Connor and Lauritz Jensen
Dr. Terry Cook
Costume Museum of Canada Volunteers

Peggy Cove
Genessa Cram
Karen and Joy Crane
David Cullen
Brenden da Silva Austman
Tara Dabee
Jose Daet
Ralph Dagg
Joan Dalgliesh
Geraldine David
Esther Dederick
Diane DeMare
Peter Denton
Peter Dercola
Tom Dercola
Wayne Deschouwer
Alan Dick
Phil Dies
Maria and Theophile Dornez
Vivian Downey
Jim Duncan
Sydney Duncan
Guy Durocher
Dave Dzogan

E – G

Doug Earle
Alan Einarson
Claudia Eisbrenner
Elmwood High School
Dederick Esther
Dr. Tino Ethans
The Evans Family
Valentine and Florence Fabris
Eric and Shirlee Fache
Jillian Fast
Father’s Day 2019
Margaret Ferguson
AJ Fernando
Donald Ferns
The Field Family
Mary Fieldhouse
Barbara Filuk
The Findlay Family
William and Lillian Fisher
Calvin Fong
Verla and Alan Forbes
Bettie Fraser

Bill and Viona Fraser
Glen Fraser
Susan Fraser
Tim Fraser
Ray Frey
Carolyn and Christina Friedlich
Matthew Frost
Lillian Gadsby
Mauro Gallo
Donald Gannon
Jim Gibbs
Lorraine Gibbs
Hon. Linda Giesbrecht
Amy Gilbert
Gordon Gillies
Helen Gillis
James Gillis
Ethan Graham
Marie Green
Alexander and Agnes Grieve
Tanya Gulchak
Brad Gushue

H – J

Richard Hallen
Cole Hamblin
Irv Hanec
Roger Hansell
Gregg and Mary Hanson
Val Harder
Kelly Harris
Glen and Margaret Harrison
Evelyn Harvey
Robert Harwood
Rita Hay
Leigh Hayden and Valen Steer
Ian Heather
David Henderson
Collin Hendry
Ronald Hepples
Helmut Herbert
Gracie Herntier
Robert Hibbert

Alec Holowka
Jeff Honeychurch
Mary Horechny
Bruce Hudson
David Hunt
Dorset Hurdle
Steven Hurst
Carol Hutchinson
Doris Ingraham
John and Marion Inskip
James Ireland
George Jacob
Jennifer Jensen
Kyle Johnson
Betty Jo Johnston
David Johnston
Richard Johnston
Robert and Thelma Jones
Alexander Josephson

K – L

Adele Kavanagh
Carolyn Kavanagh
Burton Kennedy
Creighton and Lorraine Kerr
Alan Kessler
Laurie Kessler
Peggy Killeen
Dr. Harold King
Joan King
Josephine Klymkiw
Benna Knight
Karen Kochan
Helen Korngold
Dan Kostenchuk
Dan Kraayeveld
Sherman Kreiner
William Kurtz
Margie Kvern

Miguel Labossiere
Matthew Lagace
Lucienne Lagimodiere
Pat Lane
Kenneth Langevin
Luke Lavoie
Dr. Lindy Lee
Bob Leggett
Jill Leggett
The Leggett-Curtin Family
Carolyn Lehn
Harold Lessard
Tripp Lipscombe
The Loewen Family
Dorothy Lother
Dr. Glen Lowther
Ann and Pete Lysy


Catherine MacDonald
Maureen MacDonald
Lorne MacFarlane
Ruth MacKenzie
Marion Maclean
Lois MacLennan
Dr. Ian MacMorran
Mike and Mary Maendel
Stan Mak
Dr. Kanchana Manickam
Grant Marshall
John Martin
Eulah Matheson
Milton Matheson
Frida and John Maunder
Iris Maurstad
Walter Maycher
Joy McDiarmid
Ab McDonald
Linda McDowell
Ruth McDowell
Dave McGimpsey
Catherine McLaren
Anthony McLaughlin
Tom McLeod
John and Lynne McLure

Dr. Willis McMillan
Mike McQuaig
Glenn McWhinney
Jeff McWhinney
Hilda Medd
The Meek Family
Mary Lou Milhausen
Les Mills
Laura Milner
Sheila and Bill Milner
Arlene Minkhorst
Frank Minton
Sharon Mitchell
Bea Montgomery
Kieran Moolchan
Dr. Redwan Moqbel
Dr. J. E. Morris
Donald Morrison
Geoffrey Morrow
Peter Morse
Cathy Moser
Mother’s Day 2019
John Muir
Bill Mulligan
Michael Murdock
Peter Murdock

N – P

Marjorie Napper
National Grilled Cheese Day
Paul Nazareth
Shonagh Neafsey
Sara Neely
Marian Nelson
Rea Nesbitt
Jose Neves
Glenn and Marg Nicholls
Barrington Nichols
Tom Nichols
Bruce Oake
Alexiah Olson
Dr. Paulino Orallo
Dave Orton
Richard Ouellette
Florence Owczar
Harry Owczar
P.E.O Sisterhood, Chapter S
P.E.O. Sisterhood, Chapter R
P.E.O. Sisterhood, MB-NWON
Alan Partridge
Michael Paterson

Horace Patterson
Carol Pelton
Charlotte Pennell
Irene and Henry Penner
Lee-Anne Penner
Pat Perchal
Vic Peters
Bill Petrie
Bob Picken
Margaret Pidlaski
Jonathan Pirrie
Lawrence Pollard
Lorne Pollon
Margaret Pope
Betty Ann and Bill Porteous
Lucille Prach
Robbie Prach
Barb and Gerry Price
Travis Price
Lawrence Prout
Oliver Puchniak
Braden Purchase
Eugene Pyrz


Barbara Rach
Robert Raeburn
Roberta Rafter
John and Marg Redston
Ruth Reid
Kathleen Richardson
Marcel Richer
Charles Riess
Dan Ritchie
Judith Ritchie
Marjorie Rose
Harry Rosenbaum
Gina Rotstein

Bruce Routley
Paige Roy
Reg and Liz Royko
Leon Rubin
Patricia Rutter
Jennifer Ryan and Peter Sigurdson
Kathleen Ryan and Sean Strong
Kerry Ryan and Jeope Wolfe
Mary Louise Ryan
Paul and Chantal Ryan
Russell and Barbara Ryan
Timothy Ryan


Anna Saltzberg
Kathleen, Finley and Elizabeth Scaife
Greg Scammell
Lucy Schaan
Molly and Bernard Scharnik
Gary and Val Schellenberg
Harold and Daphne Schiff
Steven Schipper
Adeline Schmidt
David Schwieger
Hon. Richard and Mary Scott
Melanie Sexton
Garett Sidor
Bonnie Siemens
Alvin Sigurdson
Snjolaug Sigurdson
Justin Silicz
Pat Silver
Vern and Ann Simonsen
Allan Simpson
Archie and Bernice Simpson
Howard Simpson
Julia Single
Eugene Skakun
Sheila Skinner

Betty Smith
James Smith
Merritt Smith and Sidney Lovelace
Jackie and Terry Smorang
Paul Sparling
Rae Spear
Nancy Spielman
Alana Squire
Jocelyn Starr
Linda Stechesen
Stefan and Olla Stefanson
Gwen Steiman
Douglas Stewart
Paget Stewart
Abigail Stewart-Pearse
Mary Stilkowski
Ed Still
Leanne Stoddart
Helen Sutherland
Ted Swain
Barbara Swan
William Swartz
Lorraine Sweatman
Sheilah Sweatman
Darren Synkiw

T – Z

Keal Taiarol
Jamal Talke
Jill Tardiff
Shirley Taylor
The Timlick Family
Bruce Jaring Timmerman
Peter and Irene Tychonick
David Unruh
Kari Urquhart
Mike Vaira and Dave Price
Loana Valdez
Garry and Denise Van Den Bussche
Fran Van Walleghem
Crawford Varnes
Dorothy and PK Venkiteswaran
Kevin Walters
Rick Washnuk
David Waters

Braiden Watling
Gwen Watson
Jim Way
Clara Weitzel
Walter and Joan Werner
Irene Wert
Dennis Whetham
J. Margaret Whiteway
Patricia Will
Gordon Windatt
William Wittmann
David Wright
Ross Wright
Dr. T. Archie Yeo
William Yewdall
Sue Zimit
Joseph Zuken

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