Legacy Circle Celebration

Thank you for joining us for our
Legacy Circle Celebration!

This year’s virtual program will focus on wellness, mental health, addiction and recovery. Let’s celebrate the community of folks that help make Winnipeg stronger, healthier, and happier.

The program is also available by tuning in on:

  • Shaw TV – “Shaw Spotlight” (channel 9/channel 105)
  • The Winnipeg Foundation’s Facebook page
  • The Winnipeg Foundation’s YouTube channel
  • 93.7 CJNU Nostalgia Radio – Rebroadcast after September 16

For assistance please contact Donor Engagement at 204-944-9474 (toll free 1-877-974-3631) or at donorengagement@nullwpgfdn.org

About the Bruce Oake Recovery Centre

The Bruce Oake Recovery Centre is dedicated to the memory of Bruce Oake, who passed away from an accidental drug overdose in 2011 at the age of 25. Scott and Anne Oake, Bruce’s parents, along with brother Darcy, are determined to have his life and death return something positive to this world. In 2013 the Oakes founded the Bruce Oake Memorial Foundation and set forth on the path of building a long-term residential treatment facility – to be called the Bruce Oake Recovery Centre. The Bruce Oake Recovery Centre will provide unique and proven addiction treatment that will empower individuals with the resources and skills necessary to successfully re-enter society and thrive.

For more information, visit bruceoakerecoverycentre.ca

If you would like to support the Centre, you can make a gift to The Bruce Oake Memorial Foundation

About Darcy Oake

It began with an innocent card trick. At the age of 7, Darcy Oake’s father, award-winning sports broadcaster Scott Oake, asked his son to pick a card from a deck, remember it and put it back in the deck. His father drew that card, astonishing his young son and forever changing his life’s path. His father did not know any magic tricks. It was pure luck. Or was it? Fate had put its hand into play.

From that day forward, Darcy, by all accounts a shy boy, spent countless solitary hours standing in front of a mirror perfecting magic tricks. He ate, slept and breathed his newfound passion and like all successful magicians, began to find himself in his craft and develop his unique on stage showmanship.

For more information, visit darcyoake.com

About Diversity Food Services

Diversity is a multifaceted food service company that operates out of the kitchens at the University of Winnipeg. They pride ourselves in creating fresh, delicious and authentic dishes from scratch, and doing it well. Winner of LEAF Canada’s Greenest Restaurant award for their category (2018 & 2020), they bring their values of sustainability, community and local economic development to all their endeavours.

For more information, visit diversityfoodservices.com

About Cornelia Bean

Cornelia Bean Ltd. was established in 2004 by Cory Krul, President, and her husband, Bob Krul, Partner and Owner. Cornelia Bean specializes in the finest loose leaf tea, freshly roasted coffees and accompanying accessories.

For more information, visit corneliabean.com

About The Winnipeg Foundation’s Legacy Circle

The Legacy Circle allows The Foundation to show its appreciation to the thoughtful individuals that have plans to include The Winnipeg Foundation in their Wills.

Though their future gifts may not be realized for many years, we want them to be part of The Foundation today.

For more information, visit Legacy Circle.

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