BeCause & Effect #13: Jennifer Jones

Health, Wellness & Recreation

Jennifer Jones is a Canadian superstar and curling legend. Her long list of accolades and championships include reaching the pinnacle gold medal in Women’s Curling at the 2014 Winter Olympics. Jennifer is humble, warm, driven, generous, and a quintessential Manitoban.

I sat down with Jennifer, to talk about performing under pressure, dealing with personal and professional loss, honoring her late father, and what it means to be a champion.

Show notes:
1:10 – Intro. “There’s nothing like curling in Winnipeg.”
3:42 – Local support via friends, family & friends in 2014 Olympics.
7:25 – Advice to her daughters. “Nobody can ever outwork you…. Chase your dreams.”
8:28 – Her father’s legacy.
10:50 – Her dad as a coach, visionary, and guide.
13:01 – Coaching her daughter in gymnastics. Performing under pressure, enjoying the moment.
15:34 – On still loving curling after all these years.
16:56 – Plan for the future, juggling work, family, and sports. Next Olympics…?
18:14 – Giving back, philanthropy, volunteering.
19:59 – Experience with Special Olympics and Special Olympic Athletes.
22:04 – Volunteerism in Curling.
25:35 – Experience as a corporate lawyer in relation to sport.
26:44 – Importance of healthy food and nutritional options for herself and her kids.
28:09 – Meeting Prince Charles, receiving the Order of Manitoba.
29:18 – Being recognized in public.
31:08 – Just BeCause Questions
35:34 – “What do you want to be remembered for?”
36:03 – Outro

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