BeCause & Effect #21: Paige Procter

Health, Wellness & Recreation

When one of Paige Procter’s loved ones got a cancer diagnosis, she turned her grief into something positive, and her community of Gross Isle, Manitoba has now raised more than $130,000 for CancerCare.

Through the Coffeehouse to End Cancer event, Paige and her team of volunteers have brought their friends, family, and community together for a day of local artists performing and keynote presentations for nearly a decade now.

Paige was honoured to be recognized for her work by the Association of Fundraising Professionals as the recipient of 2019 Emerging Leader in Philanthropy Award.

I sat down with Paige to talk about philanthropy, her motivation as a young woman to start such a successful fundraiser, and how her life has been changed by the stories of the cancer survivors she’s met.

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