BeCause & Effect #59: Dan Lussier

Health, Wellness & Recreation

Dan Lussier is Director of Réseau Compassion Network, an organization that leads 15 health care communities covering all aspects of health and social care.

He’s involved with several boards volunteer positions, and was recently added to The Winnipeg Foundation’s Board of Directors as well.

I sat down with Dan Lussier to talk about maintaining connection in an increasingly disconnected world, inspiring compassion by practicing presence, and why we have to continue fighting for equity, equality, and social justice.

This episode is also on The Winnipeg Foundation’s YouTube channel, so you can watch the video of my conversation with Dan.

What is BeCause & Effect?

Host Nolan Bicknell talks to people about the Causes they care about and the Effect it has on their lives. BeCause & Effect is a podcast of The Winnipeg Foundation.

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