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Photo: Participants at Rossbrook House. Winnipeg Foundation archive photo.
Relaunched Foundation initiative provides healthy food and nutrition education for Winnipeg kids.

Having access to healthy food and learning about cooking and nutrition are not only key to a child’s health and well-being – they also set up lifelong healthy eating habits that can help them reach their full potential.

In response to the needs of community organizations, The Winnipeg Foundation launched its Nourishing Potential initiative in 2011, supporting after-school, drop-in, and summer programs to provide healthy food and nutrition education to Winnipeg kids.

Following the winding down of the formal Nourishing Potential initiative in 2015, applications for the program were integrated with The Foundation’s larger Community Grants program. However, following a re-evaluation of its grant-making, The Foundation re-introduced Nourishing Potential as a separate granting stream earlier this year.

“We heard from community organizations that Nourishing Potential was valued as a dedicated program,” says Megan Tate, Director of Community Grants at The Winnipeg Foundation. “Having Nourishing Potential in this stand-alone capacity allows organizations to continue to apply for support while also applying for a diverse range of projects through our Community Grants program.”

Organizations can receive one Nourishing Potential grant each year for up to $10,000 toward food, equipment, and nutrition education or food handling training.

“We know that the need for extra funding to access and learn about healthy food is still there,” Tate says. “The founding principles of Nourishing Potential still hold true today.”

Nourishing Potential Grants

The following grants were approved September 2019.

Organization Grant Amount
Broadway Neighbourhood Centre $10,000
CanU Canada $10,000
Children’s Rehabilitation Foundation $7,000
Dawn & Dusk Before and After School Program $3,500
Evermore Gather Grow Lead $9,000
Family Dynamics $10,000
Heritage Park Children’s Programs $6,500
James Child Care $10,000
Kings Park Day Care Centre $8,150
Macdonald Youth Services $10,000
Manitoba School Improvement Program $10,000
Ndinawemaaganag Endaawaad $9,850
Nor’West Co-Op Community Health Centre $10,000
Ryerson School-Age Centre $10,000
Spence Neighbourhood Association $10,000
Stanley Knowles Children’s Centre $7,500
Start2Finish Canada $9,123
Teen Stop Jeunesse $8,300
The Fort Whyte Foundation $10,000
The West Central Women’s Resource Centre $9,386
West Broadway Youth Outreach $10,000
Westgrove Children’s Centre $7,095
Youth for Christ (Winnipeg) $6,980

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