BeCause & Effect #39: Roger Berrington

Literacy, Education & Employment

Roger Berrington is making a massive difference in the lives of youth in our city. As founder and Executive Director of CanU, Roger and his team have made nutrition, health, academia, and leadership their focus, in the hopes that students in grades 5-12 can live up to their potential.

I sat down with Roger Berrington, to talk about CanU and how it got started, the value of mentorship and leading by example, and what we can do to inspire actual equity in our city.

This episode is also on The Winnipeg Foundation’s YouTube channel, so you can watch the video of my conversation with Roger.

What is BeCause & Effect?

Host Nolan Bicknell talks to people about the Causes they care about and the Effect it has on their lives. BeCause & Effect is a podcast of The Winnipeg Foundation.

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