Statement and response to COVID-19 (As of June 2, 2020)

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The Winnipeg Foundation wants to assure the charitable sector, our community partners, generous donors and the entire community that we are doing our best to provide appropriate support and leadership throughout this period of heightened risk and uncertainty.

We are upholding current agreements and commitments by making grants and payments to charitable organizations and projects.

The Winnipeg Foundation is committed to supporting our community during this uncertain time. Our grant response to COVID-19 is evolving as implications of the pandemic unfold.

Emergency Community Support Fund – now accepting applications

Stabilization – application closed June 1, 2020

  • Short- and medium-term needs of organization. For more information, visit our Stabilization Grants page.

For all the details of our COVID-19 Grant Response, visit our Granting page.

Thanks to the generous people who support our community through The Winnipeg Foundation, since March 12, 2020 we made more than 120 COVID-19 Emergency Response Grants, ranging in size from $2,000 to $100,000. See the list here.

We have developed the COVID-19 Community Response Fund as a place for caring citizens to make gifts that will be immediately distributed to places of need in our community.

We believe we have an obligation to be proactive in mitigating the spread and severity of the disease. Foundation staff are working remotely and can still be contacted via our staff directory.

Group convenings organized by The Foundation will be postponed, cancelled, or reorganized as virtual gatherings. We will review, revise, and adapt this process as necessary on an ongoing basis.

For all parts of the charitable sector, COVID-19 and physical distancing is going to be very disruptive. However, practicing physical distancing right now is how we show our love of our community. The obvious economic fallout will no doubt create deficits and in the Manitoba tradition of generosity, our community will undoubtedly rally to provide support in the coming months. Our Board of Directors will adjust priorities as necessary to help where we can.

Finally, I want to thank our donors. We are indebted to the generous people from the past who have provided The Foundation’s basic capacity to respond in this crisis. And we are also very grateful for today’s donors and Donor Advisors who are augmenting our grants and contributing to the COVID-19 Community Response Fund.

A most sincere “thank you” on behalf of the charitable sector – particularly those on the front lines serving our community.

Richard Frost, CEO

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