Endowment Funds

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What is an endowment fund?

An endowment fund is an account for your generosity. Your charitable gifts are invested, and the interest earned every year is donated to the causes you are passionate about.

Most endowment funds at The Winnipeg Foundation are permanent, but some can be spent down during a period of time, or immediately flowed to the community.

Because most endowments last forever, a gift to The Winnipeg Foundation is a powerful choice that will support Winnipeg well into the future. Over the years, the amount granted to community through your fund will surpass the value of your original gift.

Why start a fund?

  • Make a difference by providing lasting support for our community
  • Establish a legacy that lasts beyond your lifetime
  • Honour a loved one
  • Celebrate a significant milestone, like a wedding or birthday and ask for donations in lieu of gifts
  • Give money away at your own pace
  • Organize your giving and simplify the administration of your family’s generosity or foundation

Types of funds

Named fund within the Community Fund

Gifts in these funds are unrestricted. Donors entrust The Winnipeg Foundation with the task of identifying community priorities and the charitable organizations best able to meet them.

Designated fund

Donors select a specific charity for their fund to support. This gives the charity a dependable source of support they can rely on year after year.

Donor-Advised fund

Donors play an active role in recommending support for organizations and causes that matter to them.

Student Award fund

These funds are created to help deserving students pursue their post-secondary education. Learn more about Student award funds.

Memorial, tribute or special occasion funds

These funds are created to commemorate a person, family or significant event.

We’re excited to help you reach your generosity goals. The minimum balance to start a fund ranges from $2,500-$20,000 depending on the fund type. You can create and name your fund with a gift of any amount and take up to five years to build your fund to the minimum threshold.

See the impact of your donation!

Giftabulator® allows you to try different giving scenarios providing you with the opportunity to tailor your giving to your situation. It will also provide resources you can share with your financial advisor when you are discussing your giving options. 

Explore your generosity with Giftabulator®.

Ready to start a fund? Connect with us by emailing communitygenerosity@nullwpgfdn.org

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