Who We Are & What We Do

We are For Good. Forever.

What do you care about? We care about it too! No matter what you’re passionate about you can support it through The Winnipeg Foundation.

We want to help you give back to our community by connecting you with the causes you care about For Good. We are an endowment-based organization, so your gift continues to give Forever.

Truth and Reconciliation

We are committed to work with everyone in our community towards a shared goal of reconciliation. A copy of the Philanthropic Community’s Declaration of Action was signed in 2015 by both The Foundation’s Board Chair and Chief Executive Officer, and helps guide our strategic direction.

Our vision is “a Winnipeg where community life flourishes for all.”

What is a community foundation?

Community foundations are public charitable organizations, built through generous gifts of all sizes that are pooled and permanently invested. The interest earned from these endowments generates a sustainable source of support for local charitable projects.

The Winnipeg Foundation is Canada’s first community foundation, established in 1921. In 2021, we received more than $189.8 million in gifts and distributed $84.9 million to the community.

Imagine Canada Accreditation

The Winnipeg Foundation is proud to be accredited under Imagine Canada’s national Standards Program.

The Standards Program is a Canada-wide set of shared standards for charities and non-profits designed to strengthen practices in five fundamental areas: board governance; financial accountability and transparency; fundraising; staff management; and volunteer involvement. Policies and procedures in the five areas of compliance are evaluated by a peer group of volunteers from the sector.

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