Why Choose The Winnipeg Foundation

There are a lot of great reasons!

1. We are a community foundation

The Winnipeg Foundation is a community foundation.

We’re a charity, built by generous donors like you, that supports our community.

And we do it in a sustainable way.

2. Stronger together

When you give to The Winnipeg Foundation, you work with others who are also passionate about making Winnipeg the best it can be!

We’re stronger when we work together.

And we have greater impact, too!

3. Grants to the community

When you make a gift to The Foundation, we pool it with other gifts and invest it.

The annual earnings are used to make grants to the community.

Every. Single. Year.

4. Endowment funds

The Foundation is made up of a collection of endowment funds.

These funds support our community forever.

CONSIDER THIS: if you make a one-time donation, it will be spent on immediate needs. If you make a gift to an endowment fund at The Winnipeg Foundation, its impact will snowball over time.

Here’s a simple illustration using a $10,000 gift as an example:

5. We’ll be ready to help no matter what

Predicting the future needs of our community is challenging.

When you support our community’s CURRENT NEEDS and emerging opportunities, you are providing sustainability for Winnipeg’s future.

The people who gave to The Foundation 90 years ago probably never imagined they’d be stopping cyber-bullying or supporting reconciliation today.

Similarly, we don’t know what Winnipeg will need in the future, but your gift to The Foundation ensures we’ll be ready to help no matter how our community changes!

6. First in Canada

The Foundation has been around for a long time.

We were established in 1921 – which makes us the first community foundation in Canada. (Today there are nearly 200!)

This also means we know a lot about our community – and the best ways to help.

In fact, many people look to us to provide insights on community needs.

7. For Good. Forever

Our asset managers and financial policies ensure your gift will continue to help our community For Good. Forever.

How would you like to start?

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