The Foundation’s first grant of its second century

Photo: Clan Mothers Healing Village blessing of the land ceremony. Pictured left to right: Elder Mae Louise Campbell, Elder Billie Schibler, Jamie Goulet (drummer in back) and Charlotte Nolin.
Credit: Photo by Krista Anderson, courtesy of Clan Mothers.

The Winnipeg Foundation is bolstered by 100 years of working with, investing in, and learning from the community. As we enter into our second century, we have a responsibility to set a course for the next 100 years of grantmaking. In this vein, the importance of the first grant of our centennial year comes into focus: it will represent not only a milestone for our organization, but an encouraging way forward for the community. It will be the first of many grants made in 2021 and beyond, in our role as a funder of many different Causes.

Reconciliation is among The Foundation’s top priorities as we continue to define a path towards the future of grantmaking at The Winnipeg Foundation. It has been a significant area of focus and a guide for our work since the Truth and Reconciliation Commission released its report years ago.

As we continue to actively weave our commitment to truth and reconciliation through all facets of our grantmaking, it is fitting that this be reflected in the first grant of 2021. The Clan Mothers Turtle Lodge’s Healing Village is the recipient of a $100,000 grant – the first of our Centennial year.

Established by a collective of Indigenous women in 2015, Clan Mothers Turtle Lodge works to establish healing and restorative programs for Indigenous women who have been victims of systemic, multi-generational trauma, sexual violence, sexual exploitation and human trafficking.

With decades of experience working with thousands of women and girls, this group of Clan Mothers created the organization and set out to build a village to create healing through collaboration and understanding. From that vision, an Indigenous-led solution came to life.

The Village currently being developed will be situated on a 130-acre parcel of land just north of Winnipeg. This land was recently purchased by the Réseau Compassion Network (formely Catholic Health Corporation), and is now in the process of being gifted to Clan Mothers.

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