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The Winnipeg Foundation and Manitoba government collaborate to support Manitoba Historical Society.

Preserving our history is important, as is being able to access those archives. The Winnipeg Foundation recently provided a $170,000 grant to the Manitoba Historical Society (MHS), in recognition of its efforts and commitment to doing just that. The grant, committed to MHS through the provincial government’s Manitoba Heritage Trust Program (MHTP), will grow to nearly $260,000 once it is fully realized, later this year.

A Manitoba Historical Society excursion to the Manitoba Legislative Building for a program that deepened appreciation and knowledge of the built heritage and the Beaux-Arts Classical architecture of the Manitoba Legislative Building, which was designed in 1912 and opened in 1920. Photo credit: Gordon Goldsborough. File photo courtesy of Manitoba Historical Society.

“While honouring the past we are on a forward thinking trajectory to opening up digital access to the history of Manitoba for all through initiatives like the Manitoba historic sites project, an ongoing digital mapping project, which gives digital interactive access to site locations and significance via Google maps,” says Tracey Turner, MHS’s CEO.

Founded in 1879, MHS is dedicated to preserving Manitoba’s past for future generations. The organization is committed to continuing its legacy of preservation, promotion, research, and education. MHS is a leader in recognizing and advocating for Manitoba’s rich history while working to bring Manitobans together to celebrate and share their collective past.

“We are dedicated to our public outreach through projects like our journal, Prairie History, which offers a diverse pan-prairie perspective on history through its scholarly, feature, and popular history articles,” Turner says.

The Manitoba government, though MHTP, stretches dollars contributed to permanent endowments established for eligible heritage organizations on a two-to-one basis. Its $85,000 contribution will help ensure MHS has a dedicated and sustainable funding stream to support ongoing heritage efforts throughout the province, forever.

“It is wonderful to see these important investments to help preserve our province’s rich and unique past while we look ahead to our bright, exciting future,” says Cathy Cox, Manitoba Minister of Sport, Culture and Heritage. “The Manitoba Historical Society plays a key role in preserving our collective past and we applaud their hard work and dedication.”

MHTP was launched in April 2018. Manitoba museums, archives, and supporting organizations are invited to participate.

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