Tanisi keke totamak …. Ka cis teneme toyak officially opens at The Forks

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On August 3, a formal opening ceremony was held at The Forks for a new public artwork created by KC Adams called Tanisi keke totamak …. Ka cis teneme toyak, which means “What can we do, to respect each other.”

The 11-foot-tall installation is fabricated out of steel and concrete with internally lit flames, and it is located at the Peace Meeting Site, close to the Canadian Museum for Human Rights at The Forks. It’s one of a series of public art installations commissioned by The Winnipeg Foundation for The Forks as part of The Foundation’s ongoing Green Spaces Strategy. The other installations are by Val Vint and Jaimie Isaac, and all three installations are being supported by project curator, Dr. Julie Nagam.

BeCause Radio spoke with KC Adams following the opening to learn more about her vision for the installation and what she’s hoping people will reflect on when they see it:

Watch this video of highlights from the opening.

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