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Donors’ generosity makes it possible to support a variety of projects in our community.

Neighbors Mission for Kids/Youth Enrichment Program

Homework Support

$20,000 from the Moffat Family Fund

Neighbors Mission for Kids/Youth Enrichment Program promotes newcomer children and youth’s physical, mental, social, and emotional health. They offer structured and supervised after-school programs that help advance the education of more than 60 participants.

“Education support is an identified need by many newcomer groups, particularly during the pandemic. Neighbors Mission for Kids is a grassroots organization that works closely with parents from different African ethnocultural communities, while providing homework support for children and youth living in the Central Park neighbourhood. This family approach ensures parents are aware of their children’s progress and receive resources like food if needed.”

Neneth Bañas

Knowles Centre

“Food for Thought” after-school kitchen skills program

$9,020 from a Field of Interest Fund

Knowles Centre is a community-based, non-profit social service agency for children and youth facing difficult times in their lives. The Centre’s therapeutic and skills-based programs help young people and their families address past struggles, develop healthier relationships and ways of life, and enhance their family, community, and cultural identities.

“Although the youth in Knowles Centre Healing Homes (Group Care Treatment Program) are only 12 – 17 years old, they have been placed in an average of eight foster homes each. The “Food for Thought” program not only teaches these youth how to nourish themselves – including meal planning, grocery shopping, nutrition, and cooking skills – but creates a safe space for youth to develop personal autonomy and foster relationships with their peers and Knowles Centre staff.”

Aliya Mrochuk

Seven Oaks School Division

Cohort of Experiential Adult Learners

$15,000 from the Moffat Family Fund

The Seven Oaks School Division Adult Education Centre works with 600-800 learners per year to attain their high school/mature diploma or to upgrade their marks to pursue post-secondary education.

“The Cohort of Experiential Adult Learners is an exciting new program where adult learners who face barriers to traditional classroom learning can earn high school credits by taking part in activities in their community. They get to tailor-make projects that contribute to their personal goals and plans for the future, and they can meet experts working in fields that interest them.”

Kerry Ryan

Sexuality Education Resource Centre Manitoba (SERC)

Training for sexual health leaders

$40,000 from Community Building Funds

SERC promotes sexual health through programs and services, primarily rooted in health promotion and disease prevention.

“The project is designed to support the sexual health needs of Two-Spirit, gay, bisexual, and queer cisgender and trans men in Winnipeg, by training 60 participants who demonstrate leadership potential to support others who are also 2SGBQ+ thereby building connections, improving health literacy, providing practical skills, and empowering people to solve health challenges in their community.”

Noah Erenberg

Social Planning Council of Winnipeg (SPCW) – in collaboration with the Ethnocultural Council of Manitoba

Inclusion through Art, Culture and Heritage project

$50,000 from a Field of Interest Fund

SPCW works to address inequity and improve social conditions through research, engagement, and action. The Ethnocultural Council of Manitoba brings together ethnic communities to act as a collective voice for immigrants, refugees, and visible minorities, working to make Manitoba a welcoming and inclusive province.

“We know that art can form a powerful link between people. Sharing the cultural traditions of art and craft is an excellent way to find commonality, inspire storytelling and build new relationships.”

Joanna Turner

Wildlife Conservation Society

Key Biodiversity Areas in Manitoba

$15,000 from Community Building Funds

Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) Canada is a national conservation organization that applies science to advance protection of Canada’s wildlife and wild places.

“Conserving our environment starts with identifying our most precious resources. Key Biodiversity Areas (KBAs) contain species or ecosystems that are rare or threatened. The grant will support the Wildlife Conservation Society in identifying Manitoba’s KBAs. It’s part of a national project to map, and ultimately protect, the most critical landscapes in Canada.”

Kerry Ryan

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