Real Life Stories with Real Life Leaders: Ama Apea Bah

Real Life Stories with Real Life Leaders, a limited podcast series on Because & Effect, is a partnership between CanU Canada and The Winnipeg Foundation.

CanU is a Winnipeg-based charitable organization that inspires hope and confidence in the leaders of tomorrow through its out-of-school mentorship and educational enrichment program for youth.

The Winnipeg Foundation is committed to fostering collaborative relationships and supporting leadership under the Community Champion pillar of its 2023-26 Strategic Plan.

This podcast series will highlight five stories from incredible storytellers connected to the CanU program leading up to CanU’s Imagine Stories Gala on November 15, 2023.


  • Divya Sharma, CanU Imagine Stories Gala Committee Member
  • Nolan Bicknell, The Winnipeg Foundation Communications Advisor

Producer: Daniel Reimer, CanU General Counsel & Creative Director

Listen or Watch Episode # 5

“You feel so much purpose when kids come to you – they trust you enough to tell you what they need and the kinds of things they’re facing.”

In this episode, we meet Ama, a 16-year-old studying a health sciences degree. Originally from Ghana, Ama shares her journey to Canada, highlighting the challenges she faced growing up and her desire to make a difference in healthcare. Ama’s childhood experiences with frequent illnesses and hospital stays served as a driving force behind her aspiration to become a doctor, particularly one who could help children in need.

Ama’s passion for philanthropy and helping others shines through as she discusses her involvement in CanU and the Winnipeg Foundation’s Youth in Philanthropy program. She explains how these programs provided her with the opportunity to research and donate to organizations that support new mothers and immigrants. Ama’s commitment to giving back and her desire to make a lasting impact on the lives of others are evident as she discusses her involvement in these initiatives.

We also delve into Ama’s leadership journey, highlighting her public speaking skills, her involvement in mentoring other youth, and her openness to new opportunities. Ama emphasizes the importance of vulnerability and trust in leadership, and shares her admiration for mentors who have inspired and guided her.

Ama’s message to listeners is clear: seize opportunities, surround yourself with inspirational mentors, and strive to make a difference in the lives of others. Ama’s story serves as a source of inspiration and motivation for anyone looking to make a meaningful impact in their community and beyond.

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