Real Life Stories with Real Life Leaders: Guneet Sahni

Real Life Stories with Real Life Leaders, a limited podcast series on Because & Effect, is a partnership between CanU Canada and The Winnipeg Foundation.

CanU is a Winnipeg-based charitable organization that inspires hope and confidence in the leaders of tomorrow through its out-of-school mentorship and educational enrichment program for youth.

The Winnipeg Foundation is committed to fostering collaborative relationships and supporting leadership under the Community Champion pillar of its 2023-26 Strategic Plan.

This podcast series will highlight five stories from incredible storytellers connected to the CanU program leading up to CanU’s Imagine Stories Gala on November 15, 2023.


  • Divya Sharma, CanU Imagine Stories Gala Committee Member
  • Nolan Bicknell, The Winnipeg Foundation Communications Advisor

Producer: Daniel Reimer, CanU General Counsel & Creative Director

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“Always say ‘yes’ to opportunities because you never know where it will go. I said ‘yes’ to a speech at the CanU Gala, and now I’m here. I grew a lot from CanU because it made me more confident – I learned the leadership skills from CanU that I can use when I’m playing sports.”

In this episode, we dive into the journey of a young athlete, Guneet, who has demonstrated leadership and determination in her pursuit of success in lacrosse. Guneet shares her childhood experiences and how her love for sports, particularly lacrosse, was sparked at a young age. She discusses her initial struggles in the sport, her decision to try out for Team Manitoba, and the motivation she drew from the Canada Summer Games.

Guneet shares her insights on the dynamics of team sports, discussing the role of leadership in the dressing room. her commitment to hyping up her team at university level, and her interest in coaching to give back to her community and help others discover the joys of sports.

As Guneet prepares to move to a new city, she reflects on her hope to continue growing the sport of lacrosse and to inspire more girls to participate in athletics. She encourages young girls to try sports and not be discouraged by stereotypes, emphasizing the importance of seizing opportunities and putting in the effort to excel.

Throughout the episode, Guneet’s message of resilience, self-belief, and the power of saying “yes” to opportunities shines through.

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