Why X Matters #1: Trust in Institutions

Why X Matters is a four-part, limited series podcast that explores civic engagement by unpacking The Winnipeg Foundation’s Vital Signs® 2022. Join us each Thursday in September to hear from experts on the topics of Trust in Institutions, Sense of Belonging, The Environment, and The Empathy Deficit.

Welcome to Episode 1 of Why X Matters. Our first episode explores the decline in trust in institutions amongst Winnipeggers, what it’s like to navigate a culture of increased scrutiny and mistrust, and how institutions can help restore trust. Our panel for this episode includes:

Cecil Rosner is a adjunct professor at the University of Winnipeg in the Rhetoric, Writing, and Communications department. Cecil has been a journalist for more than four decades, and currently teaches investigative journalism. He has worked in print and broadcast journalism, and his next book, Manipulating the Message, is due to be released by Dundurn Press in October.

Ayn Wilcox is the Executive Director of Klinic Community Health, headquartered in downtown Winnipeg. Klinic offers a broad range of health and mental health programs and services throughout Manitoba. A dedicated lifelong Manitoban, Ayn is fervently passionate about community health and believes in the power of civic engagement to pave the way for a more just and caring society.

Molly McCracken is the Director of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives – Manitoba. Molly is chair of the Make Poverty History Manitoba provincial committee and a member of the Climate Action Team Manitoba. She led the Vital Signs 2022 indicator quantitative research team and has been honoured to serve the community as a leader in the non-profit and public sectors for the past 20 years. 

A group of people stand in front of the recording room at CJNU. From left to right: Nolan Bicknell, Molly McCracken, Cecil Rosner, Ayn Wilcox, Shauna Turnley

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