Current and past Board and Staff

Photo: Winnipeg Foundation staff and Turtle Lodge staff and volunteers during a retreat. Turtle Lodge International Centre for Indigenous Education and Wellness, also known as Anishnabe Mikinack Kinamaka, was established by Anishinabe Elder Dave Courchene as a place for sharing universal and ancient knowledge, reconnecting to the earth and nature, and sharing among people of all nations. It is located on Sagkeeng First Nation.

Current Board as of 2021

Doneta Brotchie, Chair 2009-Present
George Bass 2017-Present
Hazel Borys 2019-Present
Tom Bryk 2013-Present
Dr. Tina Chen 2021-
Phil Chiappetta 2021-
Albert El Tassi 2012-Present
Daniel Friedman 2017-Present
Tracy Graham 2012-Present
Joy Loewen 2019-Present
Dan Lussier2021-
Patricia Mainville 2017-Present
John Pollard 2019-Present
Maureen Prendiville 2012-Present
Diane Roussin 2018-Present
Anita Southall 2017-Present
Mayor Brian Bowman, Ex-Officio 2015-Present


We thank those who have served on the Board of The Winnipeg Foundation since it was established by an act of Legislature in 1921.

Chief Justice Thomas Graham Mathers 1921-1927
Justice Robert Maxwell Dennistoun 1921-1928
Sir Hugh John MacDonald, K.C. 1921-1922
Archdeacon R.B. McElheran 1921-1926
Edward Parnell 1921-1922
Frank Oliver Fowler 1922-1923
W.E. Macara, K.C. 1922-1929
Seymour J. Farmer 1923-1924
Lt. Col. Ralph H. Webb, D.S.O., M.C.* 1925-1927
A. McTavish Campbell 1927-1942
Chief Justice D.A. MacDonald 1927-1937
Lt. Col. Dan McLean 1928-1930
Colin C. Ferguson Senior 1929-1938
Col. Hugh F. Osier 1929-1944
*Lt. Col. Ralph H. Webb, D.S.O., M.C. (second term) 1930-1934
John Queen* 1935-1936
Chief Justice Ewen A. McPherson, K.C. 1937-1954
Frederick Warriner, D.D.S. 1937-1937
*John Queen (second term) 1938-1942
Madame Justice Deborah McCawley

BOARD CHAIR 2016 – 2018

“[The Foundation] obviously has to be nimble and responsive to the changing world around us. But the core values that really underpin The Foundation and have made it so successful, and not only respected, but beloved by Winnipeggers and other Canadians, those are the things that are enduring.”

Chief Justice Richard J. Scott

BOARD CHAIR 2001 – 2005

“The critical thing is that we maintain the confidence of Winnipeggers who have been remarkably supportive and generous in the work of The Winnipeg Foundation. I think we’ve had the right people, and in particular over the last quarter of a century, led by Rick, that have helped to move the city in the right direction.”

Edgar J. Tarr, K.C. 1938-1942
William H. Gardner 1942-1951
Garnet Coulter, K.C. 1943-1954
Muriel S. Richardson 1944-1962
Alan E. Tarr 1950-1977
Roderick A. Copland 1951-1959
Justice Paul G. DuVal, Q.C. 1955-1966
George E. Sharpe 1955-1956
Stephen Juba 1957-1977
Augustus S. Leach S.R. 1959-1974
Gordon Lawson 1962-1974
Anna M. Speers 1962-1970
Justice Robert G.B. Dickson 1967-1973
Charles Kroft 1969-1977
Kathleen M. Richardson, C.C. 1970-1982
Justice Gordon C. Hall 1973-1990
Robert P. Purves 1974-1991
Alan G. Howison 1975-1976
James A. Hillman, C.A. 1976-1993
Robert A. Steen, Q.C. 1977-1979
David S. Kaufman 1977-1992
Robert G. Graham 1977-1984
William Norrie, C.M., Q.C. 1979-2006
Helen Hayles, C.M. 1980-2001
Robert M. Chipman 1982-1986
Sonya C. Wright 1982-1989
William B. Parrish, C.M 1984-1996
Gerald F. Reimer 1986-2006
Susan A. Thompson 1989-1998
Chief Justice Richard J. Scott 1990-2005
*Lawrie O. Pollard 1992-2006
Justice Guy J. Kroft 1992-2006
Dr. Marsha P. Hanen, C.M. 1993-1998
Dr. June James 1997-2008
Glen Murray 1998-2004

BOARD CHAIR 2010 – 2012

“I believe The Foundation’s reputation in our community is its most important asset. If The Foundation maintains its competence and grantmaking, its stewardship of donor funds, and its Spending Policy guidelines, I’m very hopeful that The Foundation will thrive during the next 100 years.”

Helen Hayles

BOARD CHAIR 1997 – 2000

“I think The Foundation has to look at the community right now – what’s happening, are more people working than ever before? People are retiring and are going to want to get involved in things.”


BOARD CHAIR 2013 – 2015

“The Winnipeg Foundation has a stellar reputation across this country, and I hope in the next hundred years they can lead by example and make our city and our country a more pluralistic, inclusive place to live. A place that everyone feels comfortable calling home.”

Susan Millican
Gregg Hanson, F.C.A. 1999-2012
Sister Lesley Sacouman 2002-2016
Sam Katz 2004-2014
Richard Archer, F.C.A. 2005-2008
Catherine Cook 2005-2016
Dr. Romulo Magsino 2005-2008
Susan Millican 2006-2017
Eric Stefanson, F.C.A. 2006-2011
Richard R. Bracken 2007-2016
Madame Justice Deborah McCawley 2007-2018
David Cohen 2007-2018
Spencer Duncanson 2009-2020
Carolyn Duhamel 2009-2020
Deborah Gray 2012-2016
Gerry Labossiere 2012-2020
Bob Puchniak 2012-2018

BOARD CHAIR 2006 – 2009

“For the future of The Winnipeg Foundation, I offer nothing but the very best. To grow in the same way they have been in the last decade; the trajectory has been astronomical, and I know that they support so many worthwhile organizations in our community, for the good of all.”

Gregg Hanson
William Parrish

BOARD CHAIR 1993 – 1996

“Right now, one of the biggest problems is that with COVID-19, a lot of organizations are really hurting. We have to help [them to] move forward. I’m sure the Board is thinking this way.”

Did you know?

The Winnipeg Foundations Act authorizes the Appointing Board to appoint Foundation Board Members. The Appointing Board is comprised of the following positions:

  • The Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba
  • The Chief Justice of Manitoba
  • The Chief Justice of the Court of Queen’s Bench
  • The Mayor of the City of Winnipeg
  • The Registrar General of Manitoba

Staff of The Winnipeg Foundation

Peter Lowe 1930-1957
Flora McCallum 1946-1949
Dorothy Morrison 1949-1951
Greville E. Winter 1949-1984
Jessie Nisbet 1951-1952
H. Alice Sutherland 1952-1955
Lois Chamberlain 1955-1959
Hugh Benham 1957-1976
Laverne Banman 1959-1960
June Deeley 1960-1962
A. McMillan 1962-1963
Myrtle Chartrand 1963
Roberta L. Winton 1963-1964
Solange M. Mercer 1964-1965
Eleanor Zipp 1965-1981
Alan Howison 1976-1989
Judy Weeks 1981-1999
John R. Hayes 1984-1993
Hazel Blennerhassett 1985-1989
Dan Kraayeveld 1989-1997
Cathy Auld 1990-present
Mary Maciorowski 1991-1993
Keren Hawkins 1993-1998
Rick Lussier 1993-2017
Allan Godfrey 1994-1996
Ian Barnes 1996-2000
Richard L. Frost 1997-present
Maretta Emery 1998-2004
Nadine Slight 1998-2007
Helen Quinn 1999-2002
Megan Tate 1999-present
Joanne Boychuk 2000-2001
Linda Brown 2000-2001
Monica Dinney 2000-2008
Christine Masyk 2000-2004
Carol Baccay 2001-2006
Denise Campbell 2001-present
Donna Edmundson 2001-2018
LuAnn Lovlin 2001-present
Darlene Ott 2001-present
Kevin Selby 2001*
Debbie Bean 2002-2008
Kerry Ryan 2002-present
Tom Simms 2002-2005
Debbie Harasym 2003-2016
Jennifer Litchfield 2003-2013; 2018-present
Diane Roussin 2003-2008
Brent Bailey 2004-2013
Marie Bouchard 2004-2017
Susan Hagemeister 2004-present
Chayanika Abeysekera 2005*
Nancy Mak 2005-present
Glenn Marquez 2006-2013
Jennifer Partridge 2006-present
Tara Woodbury 2006*
Karina Cardona 2007-2008
Erin Duncan 2007-2008
Lindsay Huska 2007*
Isabel Jerez 2008-2010
Adele Kavanagh 2007-2018
Christine Peters 2007-2008
Leslie Weir 2007-2017
John Jabs 2008
Christopher Kwan 2008*
Jennifer Beanland 2009-2012
Carly Demchuk 2009-present
Pat Lilley 2009-present
Joanna Turner 2009-present
Mike Bazak 2010-2011
Jenette Martens 2010-2012
Felix Alvarado-Flores 2011-2014
Lindsay Auld 2011-present
Noah Erenberg 2011-present
Jan McLellan 2011-2018
Jennifer Lucas 2012-present
Jenna Friesen 2012*
Alexander Hocken 2012-2013
Ali Saltel 2012-present
Alana Squire 2012-2020
Jason Booth 2013-2014
Stacy Cardigan Smith 2013-present
Jessica Chaboyer 2013-2015
Tiffany Gray 2013-2020
Tolu Ileleboye 2013-2017
Bukola Salako 2013-2014
Barb Schneider 2013-present
Nolan Bicknell 2014*-present
Dianne Maendel 2014-present
Glenn Seburn 2014-present
Robert Zirk 2014-present
Victoria Anderson 2015-2016
Kathryne Cardwell 2015-present
Kirsten Davidson 2015-present
Stacy Markusson 2015-2016
Mercy Oluwafemi 2015*
Devan Ostapyk 2015-present
Hanniah Seo 2015-2016; 2019-present
Paul Stepnuk 2015-2018
Ana Tisaj 2015-present
Julie Banville 2016-present
Nicole Chartrand 2016-present
Jaime Kyle 2016-present
Ashley Liu 2016
Anna-Maria Pozzi 2016- present
Carolina Stecher 2016- present
Cecilia Weldon 2016
Christine Ahrens 2017*
Neneth Banas 2017-present
Brigette DePape 2017-present
Pauline Emerson-Froebe 2017-2019
Rachel Forbes 2017-present
Katie Gupta 2017-2019
Kristi Nikkel 2017*
Sonny Primolo 2017-present
Sharon Redsky 2017
Brittine Schmitz 2017-present
Nina Bayona 2018-present
Michelle Bergen 2018-present
Jenna Boucher 2018-present
Kayla Dauphinais 2018-present
Alan Goddard 2018-present
Preeti Kaur 2018
Mary Beth Taylor 2018-present
Raquel Bracken 2019-present
Courtney Feldman 2019-present
Jocelyn Harron 2019-present
Shlwyn Herrera 2019-present
Jeremy Morantz 2019*-2020
Aliya Mrochuk 2019-present
Kevin Parsons 2019-present
Brent Retzlaff 2019-present
Andy Robert 2019-present
Manal Youssef 2019-present
Andrea Zimmer 2019-present
Mirha Zohair 2019*
Julian Kirchmann 2020
Lynda Lambert 2020-present
Bryce Lavigne 2020-present
Jennifer Ching-Faux 2021-present
Beverly Klym 2021-present

*summer intern

We have made every effort to ensure this list is complete as of January 1, 2021. Please excuse any errors or omissions and advise us of inaccuracies so we may update our files.


Peter Lowe 1930-1957
Hugh Avery Benham 1957-1976
Alan Grant Howison 1976-1989
Dan Kraayeveld 1989-1997
Richard Frost 1997-present

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