Working together to achieve more

Photo: Winnipeg Foundation CEO Richard Frost addresses attendees at Agency Breakfast, 2018.

For 100 years, citizens have been working together through The Winnipeg Foundation to achieve more. The charts below show the growth of funds at The Foundation as well as total distributions to the community. The Foundation’s sound Investment Policies ensure reliable annual distributions upon which charities can rely. This is why more than 200 charities have decided to establish Agency Funds at The Foundation.

Total distributions to the community

Line graph representing the growth in distributions from a little more than $20 million in 2011 to $70 million in 2020

This community support has been steadily increasing since we were established 100 years ago. Here are our distributions since 2011.

Support by cause area

Pie chart of representing amount of support by Cause area; 375 Children, Youth and Families, 24% Health, Wellness and Recreation, 18% Arts, Culture and Heritage, 12% Literacy, Education and Employment, 9% Environment and Animal Welfare

As a 360-degree funder, The Foundation supports charities working in all different Cause areas in our community. Here is the breakdown of support by Cause area for 2020.

Number of funds

Bar graph representing the growth in the umber of funds from 2499 in 2011 to 4277 in 2020

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