In response to the COVID-19 virus, The Winnipeg Foundation’s offices are currently CLOSED. Staff are working remotely and available via email – for all addresses visit our Staff page.

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Advisor FAQs

How do I get my clients started?

Can my clients’ families be involved in their charitable giving through The Winnipeg Foundation?

How are community foundations different from commercial gift funds (such as the TD Waterhouse Private Giving Foundation, RBC DS Charitable Gift Program, etc.)?

What are the differences between a establishing a fund at The Winnipeg Foundation and creating a private foundation?

About planned giving

How can The Winnipeg Foundation fit into my clients’ estate plans?

My clients are considering a bequest to The Winnipeg Foundation, but want the flexibility to change the intention of their gift, if they need to in the future. Is there a way for them to make the gift now?

Do I or my client need to contact The Winnipeg Foundation when establishing a gift in a Will?

Can The Winnipeg Foundation serve as an executor of a donor’s estate, or a trustee of charitable remainder trusts or an annuity?

About The Winnipeg Foundation

How does The Winnipeg Foundation invest the assets of a charitable fund?

What are The Winnipeg Foundation’s fees?

Does The Winnipeg Foundation offer services to professional advisors?

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