Advisor FAQs

How do I get my clients started?

We can discuss gift options and different fund types that best fit your clients’ charitable interests and financial situation, please contact us at 204-944-9474 (toll-free 1-877-974-3631) or email.

Can my clients’ families be involved in their charitable giving through The Winnipeg Foundation?

The Foundation strongly encourages family philanthropy. We can help you create a philanthropic plan to meet your clients’ priorities and preference with no obligation to establish an endowment fund at The Foundation. There is no fee for this service. For more information, please contact Kathryne Cardwell, Donor Engagement Associate at 204-944-9474 (toll-free 1-877-974-3631) or email.

How are community foundations different from commercial gift funds (such as the TD Waterhouse Private Giving Foundation, RBC DS Charitable Gift Program, etc.)?

The Winnipeg Foundation – a community foundation – offers a wider variety of fund options for a donor to choose from, ensuring they can have as much or as little involvement as they wish in the granting process. We also have local, professional staff that provide personalized assistance and expertise on giving and our community. For more details, read Comparing Three Approaches to Giving [PDF].

What are the differences between a establishing a fund at The Winnipeg Foundation and creating a private foundation?

The Winnipeg Foundation already has the services and staff in place to handle all the administrative requirements for a fund. Establishing a fund with us is simple and more cost-effective than establishing a private foundation, where the ongoing administration is typically costly and time-consuming. For more details, read Comparing Three Approaches to Giving [PDF].

About planned giving

How can The Winnipeg Foundation fit into my clients’ estate plans?

The Foundation will work closely with you and your clients to help facilitate planned gifts of all types. We have the expertise to assist with all aspects of charitable giving, including letters of intent around planned gifts. For more information, see Legacy Gifts [link].

My clients are considering a bequest to The Winnipeg Foundation, but want the flexibility to change the intention of their gift, if they need to in the future. Is there a way for them to make the gift now?

A letter of wishes is a confidential document to accompany a Will and allows for flexibility. You can contact us on behalf of your client for a personalized example. Call Kathryne Cardwell, Donor Engagement Associate at 204-944-9474 (toll-free 1-877-974-3631) or email.

Do I or my client need to contact The Winnipeg Foundation when establishing a gift in a Will?

Your clients have the right to privacy around their giving intentions. We encourage you to contact us to ensure that we can use all gifts as intended. Your clients’ identity can remain anonymous when confirming intentions.

Can The Winnipeg Foundation serve as an executor of a donor’s estate, or a trustee of charitable remainder trusts or an annuity?

No. Foundation policy does not allow us to act as an executor. We can work with you and your clients to develop a letter of intent as to how a planned gift will be used. We recommend donors appoint a qualified and capable organization or individual to administer their estate or serve as a trustee. In the case of an annuity, we would recommend working with an insurance company.

About The Winnipeg Foundation

How does The Winnipeg Foundation invest the assets of a charitable fund?

We work with several investment managers to direct our pooled consolidated trust fund. The investment objectives for this fund are to protect the purchasing power of contributed capital through capital appreciation and provide an income return to fund charitable activities. For more details, read our Report on Investment Results [PDF].

What are The Winnipeg Foundation’s fees?

The Foundation’s administrative fees are the same, regardless of the type of fund a donor establishes. The charges include a 0.5% fee for general administrative costs of a fund, and a fee to cover the actual cost of investment management fees, which combined do not to exceed 1.0%. For more information, see our Fee Policy [PDF].

Does The Winnipeg Foundation offer services to professional advisors?

We can help you with your research questions, sample language for estate plans and fund agreements, and create a charitable giving plan to meet your clients’ needs. We can also make tailored presentations on family philanthropy and giving strategies, and if requested, would be pleased to personally meet with you and your clients.

How would you like to start?

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